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Wedding: Groom turns to his bride – the sight shocks him completely – Panorama

Wedding: Groom turns to his bride – the sight shocks him completely

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A groom has been shocked at his wedding.

Photo: imago images / imagebroker

What an absolutely bizarre situation. And this at the very own wedding !

It is THE moment that everyone is waiting for: the moment when future spouses march for the first time to their wedding Eyes look. She in her dreamlike dress, he sends in a suit. Tears of emotion are inevitable.

Wedding: Groom is shocked as he turns to face his bride

Exactly at this legendary moment, David H. was also thrilled on the day of his own wedding in Washington in the USA. But what happens so shortly before the wedding, shocked the Americans, according to "Yahoo Lifestyle" downright profound. At least for a brief moment.

The groom was ready in front of the church, his heart was pounding, and then his great love approached from behind in the flowing white wedding gown.

With tears in his eyes he waits for the magical moment. But when the bride lifts the veil, David barely dares his eyes – and then burst into big laughter. No tears of emotion, but tears of laughter.

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Bridegroom: Trick on Wedding Causes Tears

Because the person standing in front of him is not his longtime girlfriend and fiancé No. It is Timmy, his best friend, who has given the man a fool with this brilliant trick.

Only wedding photographer Anna Morrison was initiated, capturing the special moment of this special "first look."

David looks extremely perplexed at first, and then he and Timmy start laughing two get hardly still air.

And then they hug each other and actually make real wedding photos.

Photographer delegates the wedding party

"It was so hard not to laugh" Tommy later commented on Yahoo Lifestyle , But in the end the prank went perfect. Also, because the photographer was playing along with her, she tweaked it so that David did not turn around until the fake "Brianne" patted his shoulder.

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The pictures of the real bride and her newly wedded husband did not show. The photographer did not publish it on Facebook. Which version of the wedding photo has immortalized the newlywed couple but now in his love nest remains probably a mystery. (vh)

This article first appeared on DER WESTEN in November 2018.

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