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World of Warcraft Classic: Weekly Roundup # 1

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World of Warcraft Classic is now playable since August 27th. A whole week is over. Seven days that felt like months. WoW: Classic has not reinvented the coziness, but rediscovered – at least for the vast majority of players who spent many hours in queues, especially at the beginning, only to be able to play 30 minutes until a server break. Despite overcrowded servers, long waiting times and, or perhaps because of, the quest design from the last century, WoW: Classic stands out as a success. Time for our first "Weekly Roundup".

Once a week we want to tell you about developments in World of Warcraft Classic, news from the developers as well as our personal gaming experiences. We call the series "Weekly Roundup" because that's exactly what it is: a weekly summary.

Waiting place 23.456: Thanks for your understanding

The release-day of World of Warcraft Classic was similar to Monday morning at the family doctor: all waiting room seats are occupied, you actually have an appointment and still have to wait three and a half hours, just so that Doctor dedicates you to ten minutes of his time.

Just in time at 1

2:01 am the servers went live last Tuesday – far too few, but Blizzard should change that later in the week. Those players who wanted to play directly to the release on their "desired server" helped, of course, little. The firm plan to complete the first quests on the day of publication and perhaps reach level 10 (the first milestone!) Gave way to a pious wish.

 I can see dead people: happens often at Classic times. Copyright: Blizzard

I can see dead people: happens at Classic times often. Copyright: Blizzard

WoW: Classic destroys dreams – the hard way. Many players had to do this experience even if they made it to one of the servers. Easy entry? Nope. The character level adjusted difficulty? Was not it right. Cool equipment that makes it easy to get ahead? Not before.
Players who played World of Warcraft at the "real" Classic times had to get used to it – everyone else expected fun, but dealt with the very rough trowel.

Nice for nostalgics: in fact, the classic Version of 15 years ago – at least except for minor adjustments that Blizzard has made about the loot distribution. Where support staff used to have to intervene manually in the event of "wrong loot assignments", today's Classic players can pass on plundered loot to all those involved in a kill.

 Always a highlight: the first visit to the capital. Image rights: Blizzard

Time and again a highlight: The first visit to the capital. Copyright: Blizzard

The solution is not nostalgic, but a good compromise. After all, the same result comes about at the end, only without the detour via the support. Also, some interface optimizations that have been implemented over the years have been adopted for Classic: opening the post easier, for example. Nevertheless, Blizzard remains true to its promise to truly provide players with the gaming experience that has magnified a whole genre.

Return to Old Virtues

With all the "outside conditions" in need of improvement – much of it settles at a distance For the release by itself – even the playful backbone of WoW: Classic is still a safe bank even after 15 years: The world that Blizzard Entertainment has created is grandiose and literally invites you to experience stories. Reading quest texts, traveling countless miles (on foot, of course), actually taking care of a character's equipment – even dying: all of that belongs to Classic.
As in the past, WoW: Classic is not. Many players are new, but look back on a WoW career; There are streamers who bind hordes of viewers to themselves, there is the need for optimization that you know from WoW, which did not exist at the time. And yet Classic brings back the cozy gambling that many MMO's have been hoping for years, also because modern MMORPGs are pushing for quick success.

 This night elf villain enters Auberdine for the first time with glowing eyes. Image copyright: Blizzard

Bright-eyed, this night elf villain enters Auberdine for the first time. Image rights: Blizzard

Yes, even at Classic times there were and are the success-pampered: quickly reach level 60, in the first week all raid bosses lay, to be better than all other players. Whether and how to play WoW: Classic is up to you – the game will probably work best if you get used to the tempo that the world and its stories dictate.

Players are then encouraged to focus on the early ones To reflect on virtues of the then new genre: serenity, patience, helpfulness, stamina. Time to wait for a player who heads the same quest mob as you, to stand by an unknown counterpart with "low HP" heroism, so he does not have to run five minutes from the far away graveyard to his corpse, even the hundredth wolf killing them to have eight wolf flanks at the end – all this is Classic.

 Helping a player when the gnolls overrun him? WoW: Classic point of honor. Image Rights: Blizzard

Helping a player when the gnolls overrun him? WoW: Classic point of honor. Bildrechte: Blizzard

Behind it is often the desire of players to finally enjoy a game again. We did that in the first week of WoW: Classic. We were struggling through queuing, creating characters, leveling and discarding, starting over. Everything to capture those perfect moments that are common in Classic. Finding green items that really fit a character is a real celebration. Spending the last pieces of silver from the stockpile for an alchemy recipe that gives you a marginal bonus feels like a great success. Mastering instances again motivates, instead of being bored. Even finding a long-searched quest item without search engine support makes you happy.
WoW: Classic is full of small events not only missing in the current "World of Warcraft," but in almost all modern MMOs.

Now you: What was your best moment in the first week?

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