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Ava DuVernay develops One Perfect Shot Show on HBO Max

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The One Perfect Shot Twitter account Was already there for 7 years at this pointand offers its nearly 600,000 followers a regular feed of well-made cinematography and film-based music Tell stories. In fact, the account has proven so popular that it is now being entered into what we can only describe as the Shit my dad says animal of social media success diversity reporting that a TV documentary based on the account is now in the works.

The project was kindly provided by director Ava DuVernay, who developed (and narrated!) The series at HBO Max. In every episode of the show, a single director will talk about a take from a movie that influenced, impressed, or touched them, and – and this has to be admitted, kind of cool – literally going through the 3D projected version of the film in question, to show all the parts of it that make it “perfect”. There’s no word yet on which films or directors are highlighted for the series, but given that DuVernay is an established talent with lots of friends on the directing side, it wouldn’t be shocking to see guys like her pal JJ Abrams stop by.

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