Raw Fury has just revealed that plausible Concepts Indie-RTS roguelike Bad North will appear on Android on October 15. As of this morning, the title is already available in the Play Store for pre-registration . This announcement follows shortly after the release of Nintendo Switch in August and we can expect to receive the full Jotunn Edition, which brings new items, commander features and enemies. It will be your job to defend an island kingdom against a horde of Viking invaders by taking command of the Islanders to control the far-reaching blows of any procedurally-created battle. PC and The reviews by console have remained positive since the first release.

If you look at the above trailer, you will find out first that Bad North is a very eye-catching game. The design is very minimalist yet looks great, especially considering the captivating characters of the title contrast starkly with the brutal bloody realities of the war.

where survival is often the best victory condition one can hope for. The special thing about this setup is that each island in the game is generated procedurally, which means each battle should offer a unique experience. Amazingly, despite the minimal theme, the gameplay is very profound and still remains accessible to the average player, which is probably the reason why Bad North is one of the more notable indie games released last year. We know the title is on the 1

5th. October officially released on Android, and we will indeed receive the complete Jotunn Edition. Monetization still needs to be mentioned, but so far there is no sign that in-app purchases are included. So I hope for a premium port that matches the monetization of console and PC offerings. There is also no idea if physical controllers are supported, although of course the original touchscreen controls have been reworked.

I have to say I'm glad to hear that Bad North will soon be available for Android Although there are many RTS games in the Play Store, most are filled with in-app purchases. While we do not yet know how to monetize Bad North, the fact that it is already available as a premium version on other platforms makes me hope that the game will arrive undisturbed on Android. So, if you are as hopeful as me, you can pre-register via the Play Store widget below to receive a notification when the game is officially released.

  Bad North: Jotunn Edition
  Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Vikings are coming! Bad North launches on October 15th for cell phones.

Contains the complete Jotunn Edition for iOS and Android

Your phone is under attack, Vikings are coming! Plausible Concept and Raw Fury are pleased to announce that Bad North's charming yet brutal real-time tactics game will be available on iOS for iOS and Android on October 15.

The minimalist Viking Defense strategy game Bad North for iOS and Android Contains the full Jotunn Edition update on Day 1, which includes the full baseline game and free additional Jotunn Edition content. These include new items to unlock, Commander features to change the combat flow, a new type of enemy you must face, Very Hard for Challenge Enthusiasts, and more. Get ready to fight on the road, warrior! Not to gain power, wealth, or glory, but to regain the hope of peace in the harsh lands of the evil north.

Bad North – Vikings are coming!

Defend your idyllic island kingdom against a horde of Viking invaders as they lead the desperate exodus of their people. Command your loyal subjects to take full advantage of the unique shape of each island. Everything is at stake: Fail and watch the blood of your subjects turn the ground red. Make no mistake – this is not a fight for victory, but a desperate struggle for survival.

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