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Avengers 4 Directors invite Infinity War Superfan to premiere

The Avengers: Infinity War fan who has seen the superhero blockbuster 43 times and Counting was officially invited to the world carpet launch of Avengers 4 next year. Marvel Studios and even their stars have sent fans to their high profile red carpet events to give something back to their loyal fan base. However, the latest release is a bit different from previous cases where fans either have to attend a charity event or a raffle to receive an invitation.

A Marvel fan named Nem: The Infinity Watcher on Twitter. Www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…=view&id=1

67 When he learned that he was the last Marvel Moloch It's been almost a day since the movie debuted in late April and spent more than 100 hours in the cinema watching a movie. Some have questioned his sanity because they have seen a movie many times, especially when there are other blockbusters like Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story coming out last month , Fortunately, his inexorable commitment to re-watch the movie has not gone unnoticed by directors Joe and Anthony Russo

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Taking it to his official Twitter account, Nem announced the good news by writing a short clip, saying that the Russos reached him via the social media platform, and in the DMs he was officially invited to the premiere Avengers 4 next year. In addition, IMAX granted him 50 free tickets to see if he would continue to do so. See the full clip below:

Nem also celebrated here when he saw Infinity War for the 44th and 45th time. He still did not say if he had a certain amount of sightseeing, but he promised he would not stop that fast, understandably considering the free passes he'd just received from IMAX. However, it is strange that IMAX offers him the option of using the tickets for other films if he sees Infinity War again and wants to see other films or the Marvel Moloch does not play in the theater anymore and he always does still has remaining stubs to use.

Regardless, it is safe to say that Nem's devotion to watch [19859005] Avengers: Infinity War has paid off many times. If Marvel Studios decides to do things the way they did for his Avengers 4 predecessor (not a full pre-premiere performance), he will be among the first to complete the final battle of the Mightiest See heroes of the earth with Thanos will perish. Of course, with Nem based in Charlotte, North Carolina, one can say with confidence that Marvel Studios will also cover its travel and accommodation expenses in LA or wherever the big red carpet event takes place next year.

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Source: Nem: The Infinity Watcher / Twitter

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