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Avengers: Endgame Peepholes – We tell you when it's safe to use the bathroom

Avengers: Endgame solves storythreads that Marvel Studios has developed in the last 21 movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's a lot of stuff for the movie – actually about 11 years – and it will take a while (you can read our spoiler-free review to get a feel for the movie's success). The endgame is three hours long, and although it's a pretty lively movie in terms of tempo, many of us will need a swim break before the credits roll. There is a lot going on in Endgame and a lot of preparation is in progress as the remaining Avengers prepare for a rematch with Thanos. Fortunately, we've seen the movie and identified a few moments when you need to do the least story damage when you need to get up. If you make it all the way to unwinding the credits, you're safe too. Endgame does not have any post-paragraph scenes, so you do not necessarily have to sit all the way as you usually have with any Marvel or Superhero movie. That is, there is a small nugget (which may be meaningless) that waits at the very end, so you may want to return to your seat before the credits end. Go to the bathroom during the movie if you can help it , The endgame is super dense and there is a lot of important stuff everywhere and you will miss some of it. But if you have to sacrifice, these are the times to do it. No spoilers!

Pee Break no. 1

Your first potential event comes in Act 2, after the team returned to the Avengers Complex. Again, we try to be as vague as possible, but if you hear the phrase "Test # 1", where the characters prepare for a lot of science stuff, you're pretty sure. You'll miss some funny jokes, but at that moment, nothing is essential for what happens afterwards.

Pee Break no. 2

At some point in the second act you will get another shot if you act fast. This is the case when the Avengers go to their "missions" that were teased in the followers. Watch for fog and co. To reach their goal in space; You will be able to rid yourself of some witty discussions that do not bring the plot above what you already know. The same applies to Thor's arrival at the same destination in the same route.

Pee Break no. 3

If you're really desperate, you can run to the bathroom during the final act, but this is the time when everything happens big action really starts as you might expect. In the midst of superhero antics you get a chance when things calm down for a moment. If you see an open portal followed by a … let's say recognizable line from Captain America, you can get rid of yourself in the following action scene – but only if you really, really have to go. It's a desperate time for a desperate move.

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