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Avengers: Endgames Twists and Endings – We have questions that are filled with the Corruptor


We have so many questions!

Marvel Studios

Calling Avengers: Endgame is a dense movie, as if to say Tony Stark has a fascination for metalworking. In other words, it's a massive understatement.

As the climax of 22 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Endgame it has the unenviable task of tearing together the history and character arches of a decade and, of course, toasting the massive Cliff Hangar end of the Infinite War.

This succeeds for the most part and offers fans – especially hardcore fans who have owned the MCU films – a satisfying conclusion. That it can perform so many different functions and act as a stand-alone entertaining blockbuster is testament to Marvel Studios vision and the skills of Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

But it's not perfect. And after some thought, you can scratch your head at the effects of some endgame phrases.

If you have not seen the movie, STOP READ NOW. This is your warning about spoilers.

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Seriously, back now.

Here are the biggest questions we have about Endgame:

What is the deal with Hawkeye's new lineup?

Let's start with a simple one before we really go down the rabbit hole.

Comics fans will recognize Clint Barton's move from Hawkeye to Ronin, but the film has not fully explained the need for the new identity and costume. I understand that the loss of your family is traumatic, but does it justify the redesign of a hero's costume – not to mention a full-sleeve tattoo? And where the hell did he get those new weapons and equipment? He no longer has the support of SHIELD, so is he independent as Bruce Wayne?

Obviously, Hawkeye is a victim of the limited character development he has had in the past. Endgame makes up for that, but it's a bit too much at once.

At least he looks cool.

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Avengers: Endgame is an exciting sequel to any MCU …


What about these five years?

At the beginning of the final, the story moves forward five years, showing the survivors living with the consequences of what was called "The Decimation." When the Avengers save the day, every five years after the crisis returns to the present. It's a brave decision to make sure the MCU is drawn by Thano's notorious snapshot.

But the five-year gap leads to many questions. What about the people who died in those five years? And as CNET editor Mike Sorrentino pointed out, what if someone would live and marry during this period? That would lead to an embarrassing reunification.

In addition, can humanity ever become a post-apocalyptic society? It's hard to see how everyone returns, how things were, although that seemed to be the conclusion when we saw Peter Parker returning to school.

Speaking of …

How will phase 4 tackle the leap in time?

The Spider-Man trailers: Far From Home – The Last Movie in MCU Phase 3 – suggest Peter Parker and his friends that there is international fun in Europe. Should we assume that they were all affected by The Snap but now continue their education five years later as if nothing had happened? Has international tourism just started where it left off? How will Far From Home address the leap in time?

The impact is even worse, with Black Panther, whose sequel is likely to be part of Phase 4. Wakanda lost his king and sister for five years. What happened? Has anyone else taken over? And will T & # 39; Challa automatically regain the throne on his return?

In one of the final scenes, T & # 39; Challa saw his kingdom alongside Queen Ramanda and Shuri. However, this raises some serious constitutional questions about how things worked in his absence.

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The best moment of any Marvel Cinematic universe …


What about the history of the MCU?

Each time you use a time travel in a story, you will open logical cracks. The Russo brothers admirably tried to close the leaks by letting Captain America's stones be brought back to the different places on the timeline – but that can not fix everything.

For example …

Are there two Captain Americas now?

We frozen the original Steve Rogers in ice until he woke up in the MCU of the 21st century, as we've seen in the movies. But now a second older Steve Rogers hangs between Peggy Carter at home. It's awhile to imagine Captain America hiding all the time.

Where the hell is Loki?

During the "Back to the Future" journey back to the events of the original Avengers movie, Scott Lang and Tony Stark try to chase Space Stone, causing the newly arrested Loki to grab the gem and disappear.

Did Loki's escape change his destiny with Thanos in the Infinity War? It is plausible given the reports that Disney Plus is working on an original show based on the character.

But if that's true, it would not have affected the events of Thor: The Dark World, even in Endgame? But during Thors own time travel we see Loki in a cell, so that the timeline has not been changed.

How do Nebula and Gamora live?

If Present Good Nebula shoots behind nasty fog, Present Good Nebula should not cease to exist, like the photo in Back to the Future? However, if it happened with Past Evil Nebula, Present Good Nebula should remember it, and that reminder would have been downloaded, so that Past Evil Nebula would get the hit.

And let's not begin, as there is now an alternative version of Gamora.

Did the Infinity War ever happen?

Thanos and his crew jumped from 2013 (during the original "Guardians of the Galaxy") until today and are defeated. Past Thanos could not have manipulated the events that led to Infinity War. If he had never collected the stones, Tony would not be able to undo the snapshot, which could not happen anyway.

And now my head hurts …

Can the glove revive Thanos?

Do not forget that the glove is still there.

Did Captain America reconnect with the Red Skull?

Remember, Cap had returned in time to return all Infinity Stones, right? If he had returned the soulstone to Vormir, would not he have fallen into the Red Skull? Granted, Red Skull was probably relieved of his burden of monitoring the stone, but it's not as if he has a ship that could divert him from the planet.

That would be a difficult reunion.

Would Tony Stark support his brain?

He did it in the comics. Or maybe I still deny losing Robert Downey Jr. Let's hope that the avengers do not pluck Teeny Tony from earlier on the timeline. That too happened.

Is Black Widow really dead?

This is a death that seems permanent as it ends Natasha Romanov's bow as a single spy who has found a family to sacrifice for. As she said in Avengers, "I have red numbers in my account, I'd like to delete it." Think of it as wiped.

But there is the lingering hum that Black Widow will play in her own movie. Sure, it could be a prequel, but this is a comic universe and the deaths are all too easily undone. In fact, of all the people allegedly dead at the end of Endgame, three – Black Widow, Loki, and the Vision – are all future MCU movies and TV shows.

Where is the vision?

When WandaVision came to the Disney Plus streaming service, there was a chance Vision returned. But apart from a passing hint from Wanda at the end, Vision was nowhere to be found. The show may be a prequel to Infinity War, but in this film Shuri worked to separate Vision from his Infinity Stone – could he be resurrected without him?

Has Hulk's consciousness disappeared?

Bruce Banner and the Hulk have joined forces to form "Professor Hulk". It seems Bruce has more control, presumably dipping in the Hulk personality we last saw in Thor: Ragnarok. How did that happen? It's a pretty big deal to just explain it off the screen.

Does Thor ever eat a salad?

Big Belly Thor is the best Thor.

CNET's Iyaz Akhtar, Michael Sorrentino and Sean Keane contributed to this story.

First published at 5 o'clock in the morning PT.
Update at 6:30 am PT: Clarify Spider-Man: Far from Home on the Timeline.
Update at 11:24 am PT: Adds an additional question about the Red Skull.

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