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"Avengers: Infinity War": Robert Downey Jr.'s Colorful Premiere Speech

In a theater filled with the mightiest heroes of the earth, one ruled.

Robert Downey Jr. was the last avenger to arrive on Monday at the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War […] welcoming the primed and pumped audience as Samuel L. Jackson made a variation of his famous "there was one Plan "Speech of 2012 Th e Avenger .

Downey and Josh Brolin, who plays the villain Thanos, came in to stand in front of a huge collection of stars – including Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Chadwick Boseman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Don Cheadle, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt and Danai Gurira. The two actors took a boxing position, getting closer and closer, until Brolin made a quick kiss on the face.

Downey then gave a lengthy speech in which he philosophized philosophically about Marvel's past, present, and future. Downey praised the efforts of the cast and crew and made it clear that there was no ego among the big stars involved in the film. He said the only competition was that the actors themselves grew to perform the best for Infinity War .

Downey also made it to a point, director Jon Favreau, who was in the crowd, to say it would not have been his vision that made Iron Man ] this first great Marvel Success, nothing else would have followed. In addition, he recognized his Iron Man co-star Gwyneth Paltrow as the "First, First Lady of Marvel" and noted that there were many "First Ladies of Marvel". He referred to Brie Larson's upcoming Captain Marvel and noted that the film eventually allows at least half of a Marvel-directed duo to be female (Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck direct Marvel's first women's front project ). Downey noted that directing superhero films was so stressful it was obviously a job for a woman to compare the process as "gestation" and laugh at the crowd.

Downey also pays Black Tribute Panther 's Boseman by giving him a "Wakanda Forever" salute and joked that he was allowed to do the "as an honorable black man" an allusion on his Oscar-nominated work in 2008 Tropic Thunder [1


Before the lights went out, directors Joe and Anthony Russo made a last minute appeal to the crowded crowd not to spoil the movie they were trying hard had to protect from the fans.

Earlier on the red carpet the Russos recounted The Hollywood Reporter Marvel's security had worked hard over the last two years to protect the plot of the film.

"This, we were so mysterious with the movie that the excitement is different." Joe Russo noted the difference between the Infinity War premiere and Civil War 's arc , "It's the first time an audience will see the movie from start to finish."

The premiere was probably the biggest film revelation since 2015 Star Wars: The Awakening of Power with the Red Carpet He took up three blocks on Hollywood Boulevard and closed a fenced campground with costumes, vehicles and Props from Marvel films from ten years ago. The film not only ran in the Dolby Theater, but also in the adjoining Chinese Theater and El Capitan Theater.

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays her role as Wanda Maximoff again, noted that two directors were essential for a work of this magnitude, The Russos Shot Infinity War and Next Year Avengers 4 Back to back.

"They are incredibly calm," she says of the sibling duo. "You always know that when you edit Avengers 4 or Avengers 3 while doing or writing something else, you know they'll have the other one there." [19659009] For many fans, the prospect of seeing Downey's Tony Stark and Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange (two of the greatest egos in the Marvel universe) is a key factor in the film.

"One of the things I most sought forward to work with Robert and Iron Man, two icons, and no experience disappointed," said Cumberbatch THR .

Cheadle is one of the longest serving Marvel heroes, with his version of Rhodey / War Machine debuting in Iron Man 2 . But even as a Marvel veteran, the scale of Infinity War impressed the actor.

"To see 19 trailers and a call log that looks like a bible, it's just a lot of work, but Marvel makes it's easy," he said, noting that he and Pratt spent a lot of boggle on his downtime Set played.

Guardian of the Galaxy Star Sean Gunn is the linchpin of Infinity War with his performance capture work as Rocket. He was pleased that he worked a bit on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on which his brother James Gunn worked hard.

"I come to the place where I know enough that I have to shut up," he said with a laugh. "He's revealed some details over the past six months as he worked on the story, and I think the story is pretty far now, he's filled me with a lot of stuff, but there's still a lot that I do not know. "

Danai Gurira, who plays her role as [OakoyevBlackPanther again, said she was touched by the feedback she received since the movie's release two months ago.

"It's amazing how far and far this movie has been taken and accepted," she said. "I've heard of a little boy sitting in a theater looking at his friend and saying, 'I did not know women can be generals.' That's awesome."

The filmmaker Joss Whedon launched the Avengers delusion as the first director to bring the team together in 2012, and followed it up with 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron

"I'm Less Tired, and Me I'm upset because I do not know what's happening, and a little jealous, "he said about the difference between this premiere and his debut Avengers six years ago.

Whedon took over Warner Bros. & # 39; and DC's Justice League after filmmaker Zack Snyder exited last year, and spent a year writing a Batgirl film for the studio before leaving the station last month. When asked if he had any interest in tackling another Marvel or DC movie, Whedon hinted that he was working on an original concept.

"I'm thinking of something that's fun for now. There's a reason why we keep telling these stories, and for the moment, the world really has to believe that people with power can be of descent," he said.

After the screening, the stars and guests gathered in the nearby Dolby Theater Ballroom, where they encircled a huge red-hot Avengers "A" symbol as the centerpiece of the room.

Avengers: Infinity War opens Friday.

Avenger: Infinite War

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