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AVOCADO RECALL: Avocados recalled Listeria concerns in 6 states

Check your avocados! For Henry Avocado products sold in North Carolina, California, Arizona, Florida, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, a voluntary recall was issued due to potential Listeria contamination.

Avocados sent to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware are not part of the recall.

Henry Avocado Corporation issued the FDA's recall on Saturday, as Listeria environmental samples were positive during a routine experiment.

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Recalled products include California-grown conventional and organic avocados packaged in California and distributed to six states.

Avocados imported from Mexico and marketed by Henry Avocado are not subject to recall and can be consumed.

How to Check Your Avocado:
Consumers can identify traditional products by using the "Bravocado" sticker. The organic products do not have a "Bravocado" label, but they are labeled "Bio" and the label says "California". The organic products can also be identified by a bar code on the sticker.

Customers who have purchased the recalled items are encouraged not to consume them. However, you will be asked to discard or return it for reimbursement to the merchant.

There are no reported illnesses during recall.

Consumers with further questions may contact Henry Avocado at (760) 745-6632, Ext 132 or at www.henryavocado.com/media

. "We voluntarily recall our products and take all possible measures to ensure the safety of consumers who eat our avocados," says Phil Henry, president of Henry Avocado.

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