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Baby identified as having child

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By Doha Madani

A baby has been identified as the child of a missing 19-year-old Chicago woman, who was pregnant when she was missing in late April and is presumed to have disappeared.

The newborn was found missing on April 23, the same day Marlen Ochoa went missing, according to NBC Chicago.

A family spokeswoman told reporters Wednesday that DNA was Ochoa's.

Marlen Ochoa

"It's a blessing that we found Yadiel, the baby, that's the name of the baby that Marlen had chosen, "Cecilia Garcia said, according to NBC Chicago.

Ochoa was nine months pregnant when she was missing and

Garcia Ochoa said she had taken a baby on the day of her disappearance "Help A Sista Out. "

Ochoa was supposed to pick up her 3-year-old son from daycare later that afternoon, NBC Chicago reported.

Chicago police told NBC News in a statement Wednesday

The Cook County Medical Examiner's officer has confirmed that this is the case with the paramedics, but that body

Melanie Kucera contributed.

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