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Bacteria from your gut can be the key to keep going

The researchers found the bacteria after examining the stern of 10 Boston Marathon runners. In order to gain energy for itself, Veillonella degrades lactic acid, which is formed to a greater extent in particularly demanding sports. To determine if the bacteria made a difference, the researchers isolated a strain of it, inserted it into 1

6 mice, and then put it on a treadmill. The mice with the bacteria in the stomach were able to walk 13 percent longer than mice that did not benefit from Veillonella – a small difference, but that could make a big difference in an athletic competition in which every little advantage was present.

While promising as a potential performance enhancer, Veillonella is still in the early stages of research. The test shows a possible positive feedback loop between the bacterium and a host, but it is not clear whether it is transmitted in the same way to humans or whether it proves to be safe for consumption. In addition, there are many questions that still need to be answered, including why bacteria are more common in some people when viewed as an increase in performance that could be considered fraudulent.

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