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Bad cough that does not give up part of the winter virus

Bad cough that does not stop part of the winter virus (CNN / CNN Newsource)

There is a warning from emergency medical specialists if you have a bad cough that can not go away.

The flu is on the rise, but another malicious virus is in circulation.

For weeks there have been reports of many diseases, including gastrointestinal diseases. The one that most people hear of is a bad respiratory infection.

It's different from the flu because the flu is sudden. With this you will feel these symptoms, but they can have serious complications, ranging from time in bed to a visit to the emergency room.

"Recently, we have seen a sharp increase in upper respiratory tract type of symptoms, the cough the constipation, the feeling of being really short of breath," Dr. Kenneth Patton from the Bethesda North Hospital.

By the time they are rolled, Dr. Kenneth Patton that breathlessness is really obvious

"They're pulling back, their ribs are doing a lot of work, you can see their neck muscles, you can really see that they breathe heavily," Dr. Patton. "A common cold for you and me, maybe a very serious pneumonia or disease for [elderly or children]," Dr. Patton.

The big complaint of many is how long the virus lasts with a cough that does not stop

"If it takes more than seven days, you have to worry about it becoming bacterial," Dr. Patton.

Bacterial infections can be treated in the emergency department with drugs and infusion fluids for rehydration, but with an upper respiratory tract An infection can not be treated because it is a virus.

If these symptoms persist, make sure you seek appropriate medical attention.

The Bethesda North team says if you do not want to catch the virus, wash your hands and stay as far away as possible from the sick.

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