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Home / Sports / Baker Mayfield blows up his receiver after a botched drill and Freddie Kitchens is cool with it

Baker Mayfield blows up his receiver after a botched drill and Freddie Kitchens is cool with it

BEREA, Ohio – Baker Mayfield chewed his receivers during Saturday's practice after a faulty scramble drill – complete with a thundering F-bomb that echoed on the practice fields.

It was so loud that some observers thought it had to be a coach. But no, Mayfield yells at his receivers to return to the ball as the guard collapses.

Freddie Kitchens, who chewed out his players several times in the first three days of the camp, was totally cool with it. [19659004] "I do not know if they responded to him or not, but I assume that my quarterback will put everyone on the same page," he said. "This is what I want."

Kitchens noticed that he called his team-mates once or twice when he was quarterback in Alabama.

"Yes, I think so," he said. "I think you could ask some of my friends and ask them. … probably too much. "

Kitchens wants Mayfield to be himself, even if it means shitting one's head off.

" They have different leaders, "he said." If he wanted to say something, he said something It's just what he wants to do, I know they have to be on the same page, I do not care how it's done, that's their job, I'm going to do my job, and everyone has to do their job.

"Whether it's a coach, another player or another player in the same room, I do not care how it's done." I just want it to be corrected, it's about the result, not about Just do it, just do the game, just do your job. "

He said he did not encourage Mayfield to be more of a vocal director, especially given the strong personalities in the team. But Nick Chubb welcomed the insult.

we go, "he said. "Someone calls someone, no matter if it was our real device, he says the same thing, we'll answer, we're all for each other and if he wants to change that, we'll fix it, we'll get it right for him It was not like he was out of place, he said exactly what needed to be done, we're the ones who run with him, we needed that. "

Chubb said the skill gamers must keep up with Mayfield's improvisational skills ,

"Baker, man, he's hellishly tricky," Chubb said. "He'll quickly turn you over so you know what he's going to do and be there for him." [1

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