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Barcelona sells Kotinho! – Share Biz

Sports Desk: Barcelona has to spend 222 million euros to return to Neymar. Therefore, the Catalans decided to sell Côteñinho to the Philippines. The Spanish press continues.
After Neymar's departure, Barcelona bought Uthman Deming and Koutinho. At first, Koutinho was the team's first choice. Recently, however, this place has taken control in the Democratic Republic of Denmark. Captain Lionel Messi in his game Told him the future captain of Barcelona. So the team changes the decision.
After joining in January, 10 matches were scored in Barcelona's Xerxes 22nd match. The two titles have won but the team does not find him this season.
A few days ago, the British media reported in Manchester, Koutinho. The discussion between the two clubs is far and easy. The rumor continued to grow. In addition, the Spanish media had recently suggested returning Neymar for an interview with Marka. Club manager Gulermo Amr also said, "Anything can happen."

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