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Harry Life, Har's story revealed

Dhaka: The book about the biography of former Prime Minister and BNP leader Khaleda Zia was unveiled. The book was written by senior journalist Mahfuzullah.

The author of this 700-page book raises the author's name from the former Prime Minister's housewife to the Prime Minister, to the fight against terrorism, to the designation of the former interim government, the prisoner of President Ziaur Rahman's many unknown facts. The book, written in English, is titled "Begum Khaleda Zia: Har Life, Har Story".

The book was unveiled on Sunday (November 18) at the Hotel Lakeshosh, Gulshan Hotel. The Dhaka University Teacher, Asif Nazrul, Laila N. Islam, Nurul Kabir, Newk Editor, Ektader Kabir, and Anwar Hashim were present at the program.

The journalist Mahfuzullah ended the military-backed janitorial government in 2007 Until the time of Khaleda Zia's life. Khaleda Khanam Putul, born in Dinajpur in 1

945, was the wife of officer Ziaur Rahman after he left the housewife after the man's death. The BNP took the responsibility.

Ziaur Rahman was killed on May 30, 1981 in a failed uprising. After seven months, Khaleda Zia joined the BNP on January 3, 1982 and called for several party leaders. After his eight-year struggle against the Ershad government, his arrival in politics and the "unconstitutional" leadership, Mahfuzullah took over the Prime Minister's stories by winning a single majority in the parliamentary elections of 27 February 1991.

The history of this time has a special place in the book and the story behind the incident. Prior to 1991, Khaleda Zia's prison book had a large share in the period of political struggle, movement, and janitorial government after 2006.

Journalist Mahfuzullah previously wrote a biography of former President Ziaur Rahman. The book is titled "President Zia of Bangladesh: A Political Biography."

Mahfuzullah said that the book based on Khaleda Zia's biography is her latest biography. Then he does not write about the biography of other people.

Bangladesh time: 1916 hours, November 18, 2018

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