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Banksy Gifts Welsh steel city a white Christmas attraction

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From Reuters


1; Banksy fans flock to the Welsh town of Port Talbot to see a new mural of the elusive British street artist depicting a snowy child that is indeed ashes from a burning container.

The subversive artist confirmed on Instagram that the "Season's Greetings" mural on a breeze block garage wall was real. It shows a little boy, stretched out with his tongue outstretched and his arms raised, against the cold to catch snowflakes.

The remainder of the mural around the corner of the garage shows that the white flakes are actually ashes from an industrial container

Port Talbot, on the edge of Swansea Bay, houses one of the world's largest steel mills, recently around to survive had to fight.

City Councilor Rob Jones said, "Globally, new." arrived piece Guerilla Art "made Port Talbot the ideal venue for a recently discussed Welsh Modern Art Gallery.

" At least one world-class contemporary artist seems to regard the interesting mix of peaceful hills and eye-catching urban and industrial landscapes as impressive "said Jones."

In May, the World Health Organization apologized after acknowledging that the information that identified Port Talbot as the UK's most polluted city was false Port Talbot's air pollution was 9.6753 micrograms , just under half of the city and under the World Health Organization's (10 micrograms) directive.

Black dust from the city's steel plant still covered homes, cars, and pets. Possible inspiration for the artwork in July.

Jones added Port Talbot is environmentally friendly Pollution on par with or cleaner than many other cities and towns and also the transport links are very good.

"Easy access was perhaps one of the many reasons Banksy chose Port Talbot," he said.

The graffiti artist is known for producing politically charged sketches on walls from New York to Paris and Gaza City. [19659017] In one of the artist's most infectious stunts, a painting of "Girl with Balloon" disintegrated the moment it was sold for more than $ 1.3 million at auction. The buyer continued with the purchase.

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