Former President Obama was apparently ready to give up the name "Obamacare" in favor of health care. Hill reports. Viere Sam Berman has the whole story.

Former President Barack Obama had some election words for Republicans and Democrats at a fundraising gathering by the Democratic National Committee in Beverly Hills, California.

"Enough Mopping," Obama told the more than 200 Democratic donors who attended the event on Thursday, CNN said. He told the crowd that they were "really worried" about the state of American politics, but stressed that it was not enough to track and complain about the latest developments.

"If you're one of those people who track cable news at your cocktail parties with your friends and you say: 'Civilization breaks down', and you're nervous and worried, but that's not the point at all you put everything your time, energy, and money, either you do not believe that civilization collapses, or you do not push yourself hard enough, "said the 44th President, according to CNN. "And I would urge harder."

Obama told the assembled contributors that they also need to do more than pay to participate in fancy fundraisers.

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It was the first DNC ​​fundraiser that the former president visited this year, CNN reported. It included a performance by singer Christina Aguilera.

"Christina Aguilera was wonderful, but you do not have to have a great singer at every event," he said. "Sometimes you're just in the cellar, talking on the phone and eating cold pizza."

Obama has also shot at Republicans, though he never mentioned President Donald Trump by name.

"They're crazy, even if they win," he told Conservatives, according to CNN. You do not look happy at all! "

He also said that the current Republican leadership is about" women who remain in their own right in various ways, "according to Politico.