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Battle Royale Games explains: Fortnite, PUBG, and what could be the next big hit

With the rapid success of Fortnite's and PlayerUnknown's battlegrounds, other developers are searching for the growing popularity of the Battle Royal sub-genre to find their next big hit. We have brought dozens of players together in an intense battle to determine who is number one. It's been one of the hottest game modes for some time – both PUBG and Fortnite have comfortable seats in Twitch's top-stream games. But with the sub-genre continuing to engage with online communities and even celebrities joining in the fun, many are wondering where the burgeoning game mode can go from here.

To understand where the Battle Royal Armes race continues, it's important to start back from the beginning of the trend. To understand how we came to this point ̵

1; from his beginnings as a mod player paying tribute to popular movies to the juggernaut that it is today – here's our explanation for all things Battle Royale and what could be next to be player

What is Battle Royale?

  Battle Royale (2000) - Takeshi Kitano explains & # 39; BR & # 39; the class.
Battle Royale (2000) – Takeshi Kitano explains & # 39; BR & # 39; the class. [196590000] 19659006] To put it simply, Battle Royale is a large-scale Deathmatch aiming to be the last living player. With just one life to live, you need to find every weapon you can – crowbars and frying pans included, depending on the game – while staying focused while being one step ahead of the competition. Although most of the games that tackle the royal game have their own gimmicks, the basic framework of a game is always the same: finding a big map, a large pool of players, randomized gear, and a slow-shrinking battle arena for fighters force in more tense confrontations. While players can expect some exciting encounters that can be satisfying for themselves, they are all in dispute if you can not reach the true goal. If you are not the last one, you have not won.

The origins and framework of the game type go back to the cult classic Japanese novel and movie adaptation titled Battle Royale ]. Written by Koushun Takami, the story takes place in a dystopian Japan, where the government holds an annual "Battle Royale" competition to keep the people in check while stifling the country's growing unrest. A group of students are taken to a deserted island 10 km long and equipped with bomb collars to prevent them from escaping. In order to push for more confrontations, forbidden zones on the island are gradually created, which bring the fighters closer together.

Despite the morbid premise Battle Royale has a hyper-stylized approach to his portrayal of violence – multiple coupling of school-time drama with powder-kissing situations from a Quentin Tarantino film. Many of the film's more intense moments are the result of poor judgment, lack of gear or a generally inappropriate belief in the fighter's abilities – which are usually the most common deaths of players in Battle Royale games. Although the film was successful and even found a passionate audience in the West, another novel and film series with a similar premise, known as The Hunger Games has become more popular. At the time of its release, many fans were inspired to implement their own views in their favorite games via player mods.

How did the fight of the Royale Games come about?

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PC Games Here online multiplayer and unique game modes found their way, which would influence countless other games – PC and console – in the coming years. On the surface, battle royale works like a traditional multiplayer deathmatch game, which found popularity in PC-online multiplayer games in the 90's. Finally, as modding became more accessible to PC games thanks to freely available developer tools and resourceful gamers, online communities could create different types of experiences – even in titles you would least expect. For example, games like Counter-Strike and League of Legends started as fan-mods for Half-Life and WarCraft III – which were popular enough to justify an answer from the core developers themselves.

In an interview with GameSpot, Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG, explained that player mods had a huge impact on game status.

"The five biggest games of the last twenty years come from mods," Greene said. "League [of Legends] CS: GO, Dota [2] They all come from mods, and I think that's because Modding has the freedom to take those risks and do something that people do not ask, but you It's I wanted to do a Battle Royale game I wanted to play, and I think the freedom to create anything you want is an advantage that modding brings to people. "

At about the same time The release of The Hunger Games during the early 2010s, Minecraft became a popular game with players of all ages for its unrivaled creation tools and world-building. With the focus on exploring a procedurally-generated world where you can create objects, build houses, gather resources, and fight creatures, the creator has Markus & # 39; Notch & # 39; Persson quickly succeed after videos and social media impressions of the game became viral. As Minecraft grew in size, its creation tools continued to expand, allowing the community to bring their own unique assets and scenarios into the game. Tying to the popularity of The Hunger Games films, an older subset of gamers eventually made competitive focused mods, known as Hunger Games – now called Survival Games. Just as in the movie, the players were forced into a death struggle against others – which was a change from the usually gentle atmosphere of the game.

Another game that also took root in online multiplayer circles was a peculiar title as DayZ, which began as a custom mod for the tactical military shooter Arma II. DayZ Creator Dean Hall wanted to do an online shooter and a quasi-social experiment in a bleak and unforgiving environment where resources were limited, and spontaneous alliances formed with others could fall apart at any moment. There were also zombies – many of them. Eventually, DayZ was released as a stand-alone game, and Hall soon joined the Arma developers at Bohemia Interactive. As the open-world zombie shooter grew, his community began experimenting with new mods for the game. Such a player in the online Arma community – under the name PlayerUnknown – finally released the DayZ Battle Royale mod in 2013. Not long after, other developers saw potential in budding popularity for the new Free-for-All game

H1Z1: From Zombies to Combat Royale

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As the popularity of Arma Modding scene grew to include the City Life RPG and Invasion 1944 Mods, the core games Also, the success was greater – many players bought the game to experience the community creations. After the release of Arma 3, PlayerUnknown – real name Brendan Greene – released yet another mod that furthered his concept known as PlayerUnknown's Battle Royale. Soon after, he was contacted by Sony Online Entertainment to work on a new title that would later become H1Z1. In response to DayZ's great success, the developers have created their own open-world zombie shooter focused on survival versus opportunity. However, the developers wanted to integrate an official Battle Royale mode from Greenes Design to complement the core game. Known as the King of the Kill, 100 players would compete against each other to claim first place. Not only did the studio believe it would increase its player base, it also saw it as a potential esports hit.

Unfortunately, some setbacks kept the game in early access longer than expected. In 2015, Sony sold the Sony Online Entertainment Studio, which actively developed both H1Z1 and a new EverQuest MMO. While the MMO was later shelved, the studio – renamed DayBreak Game Company – continued working on its online shooter. After a year of working as an independent studio, the developers divided H1Z1 into two different modes, "Just Survive" and "King of the Kill," created in response to growing player trends in the game. While the original survival game with zombies – now known as H1Z1: Just Survive – had a sequel, the royale mode of combat became more popular, requiring a fulcrum from the developers. These changes, along with other adjustments to the base game, led to some creative differences with Brendan Greene and the team, and the modder developer decided to part with DayBreak.

Today, H1Z1 still has an active community, even several eSports events where the top players compete for cash prizes. After early access and in the open beta on the PS4, H1Z1 showed steady growth over the years, even with a range of experimental modes like Auto-Royale – a vehicle that is accessible to everyone – that traditionally changes gameplay. However, Brendan Greene's departure from DayBreak paved the way for a game changer in the Battle Royale sub-genre.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: The Rise of PUBG

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After Greene left DayBreak, he was approached by producer Chang-Han Kim from South Korean developer Bluehole to work on a new game that focused on the experience of the Battle Royale. In accordance with the formula he had created for the Arma mod, and in accordance with his online community name, they began working on the game that would eventually become PlayerUnknown's battlefields. In the role of creative director for his first standalone title, Greene would work extensively with Bluehole on the game – which he considered the truest form of the Battle Royale he envisioned during his timepiece mods.

Original In the version of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, a large group of players are taken to an 8x8km long island called Erangel – an abandoned military base of the Soviet Union – to fight them and identify the last standing man. The players are transported to the island in a cargo plane and can jump and jump to a point of their choice. Surrounding the players is a breaking blue energy field that is gradually closing around the island – causing more players to clash. When the last player gets the last kill, he is greeted with the infamous congratulatory message "Winners, Winners, Chicken Dinners."

During the pre-launch phase, the number of players was estimated at over 80,000 players. This gives the game substantial momentum in its official release. With its growing fan base referring to the game as PUBG, Battlegrounds finally launched on March 19, 2017 in early PC access. It quickly reached the top spot in Steam's bestseller list and shortly after the launch, the developers also received a timed console exclusive deal with Microsoft for the Xbox One. In September 2017, after several million copies of the game had been sold, Bluehole renamed the core development team that worked on the game as PUBG Corporation, with Chang-Han Kim as CEO.

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By the end of 2017, PUBG was a great success, with a top-notch number in December reaching over 3 million active users on Steam. Battlegrounds would break records in Steam and even earn higher monthly sales than Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the first month. From March 2018 PUBG sold over 40 million copies on all platforms and even received a free mobile version. PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds was one of the most talked-about titles of the year in 2017 – he even received the Game of the Year nomination from several press outlets. In its first year, PUBG Corporation released two complete maps for the game, with another map that is smaller – the 4×4 Savage card – currently in beta. In addition, the developers are experimenting with a more traditional deathmatch mode, which offers a wider variety of content, and also support the Xbox One version, which recently reached over 5 million players.

Given the success of PUBG, many other developers began to shift their focus to match the genre's popularity – even if it meant turning their existing games into something completely different.

The Rebirth of Fortnite

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Revealed in 2011, Epic Games ™ Fortnite was a passion project for many of its key developers, including Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski , As a zombie shooter in Horde mode with a focus on base builds, Fortnite's main aim was to survive against increasingly challenging enemy waves. In co-op mode, the original mode – now known as "Save The World" – has brought players across multiple maps to level their characters and gain new loot. Although the developers were excited about their potential, the game's development was rather uneasy and the team had problems nailing the core game and mechanics. After several years of upgrading and refining its gameplay systems, Fortnite was released on July 25, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The launch of Fortnite coincided with the growing popularity of PUBG, which the developers developed also played at the time. Speaking at GDC 2018 about their unorthodox approach to launching the game, Epic Games publisher Ed Zobrist said they wanted to quickly develop an alternate mode to complement Fortnite's main campaign. By moving the Unreal Tournament development team to Fortnite: Battle Royale, they were able to release the new game mode on September 26, 2017, two months after the early launch of the base game. To offer the game for as many players as possible, the new mode was free, while the PVE content was playable only by purchasing the base package of the game for early access – which will eventually be available to all players for free as soon as they are played Have access. That decision would continue to drastically change Fortnite.

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, the overall pace is faster, and with a smaller card, engagements with other players are fairly common. With a more stylized design and aesthetics, the overall feel and shooting mechanics are arcade-like compared to PUBG's realistic shooting style, in keeping with its roots in military style action games. Instead of a cargo plane, players are taken to the island by a flying party bus, with music playing in the background as players descend to the island. From here, players can get the same kind of engagement as expected from Battle Royal Games. However, the big difference between Fortnite and PUBG is the inclusion of building technology.

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Genau wie im Modus "Save The World" können Spieler Objekte in der Umgebung aufschlüsseln, um Ressourcen für den Bau von Gebäuden wie Mauern und Treppen zu schaffen. So können Spieler defensive Strukturen erstellen, die sich vor Angriffen schützen oder Orte auf der Karte erreichen, die zu Fuß nicht möglich sind. Während du viele Spiele durchstehen kannst, ohne bauen zu müssen, zeigen die letzten Kämpfe innerhalb der Top 20 die Geschwindigkeit und Komplexität des Aufbaus. Ein grundlegendes Verständnis der Strukturbildung und der Geschicklichkeit, die erforderlich ist, um mit anderen Schritt zu halten, wird zum Überleben gegen Ende der Spiele.

Obwohl Fortnite in den ersten Monaten einen massiven Zustrom neuer Spieler sah, traf Battle Royale seine Schritt vorwärts 2018. In vielerlei Hinsicht ist Fortnite ein zugänglicheres Spiel im Vergleich zu seinem direkten Konkurrenten, PUBG. Nicht nur in Bezug auf Ästhetik und Inhalt, die einen stilistischeren und cartoonartigen Kunststil aufweisen, sondern auch ein Free-to-Play-Spiel – was im Gegensatz zu PUBGs 29,99 $ Preis steht. Fortnites Ansatz für Mikrotransaktionen wurde ebenfalls gelobt. Mit dem Battle Pass und V-Bucks (Premium-Währung) kannst du auf Skins und andere Kosmetika zugreifen, die sich nicht auf das Gameplay auswirken. Im Verlauf des Levelns und Freischaltens neuer Stufen kannst du bestimmte Skins upgraden und ihnen dabei neue Looks verpassen. Mit Fortnite: Battle Royale sind Sie nie aus der Kernerfahrung ausgeschlossen. Obwohl die Spieler in jeder Spielzeit einen neuen Pass kaufen müssen, um die nächsten Herausforderungen und Freischaltbars freizuschalten, werden sie den Spielern nie aufgezwungen. Epic hat auch schnell Feedback zu Aspekten des Spiels gegeben und eine Fülle von neuen Inhalten hinzugefügt – so dass das Spiel sich ständig wachsend anfühlt.

Momentan ist Fortnite: Battle Royale eine der beliebtesten Spiele in der Welt, mit vielen In-Witzen und Referenzen, die ins reale Leben eindringen. Seine mobile Veröffentlichung war auch ein großer Erfolg, da sie ein engagiertes Publikum von Spielern fand, die ihren Stil des Battle Royale von unterwegs mitnehmen möchten. Zusammen mit professionellen Athleten, die Siege-Tänze und Aktionen basierend auf dem Spiel spielten, verbrachte der berühmte Rap-Künstler Drake mehrere Stunden mit dem populären Twitch Streamer N1nja, wobei Travis Scott und der ehemalige MegaUpload-Besitzer KimDotCom mitspielten. Und in einem weiteren bizarren Fall arbeitete Epic mit Marvel Entertainment zusammen, um ein Ereignis für den Avengers: Infinity War zu starten, bei dem Spieler den Infinity-Handschuh aufnehmen und die Kontrolle über Thanos selbst übernehmen können. Zu sagen, dass Fortnite mit seinem Pivot zum Kampf Royale neuen Erfolg gefunden hat, wäre eine massive Untertreibung. Die große Mehrheit der Spieler in Fornite ist für den PvP-Modus da und betrachtet es als das Hauptspiel über den PvE-Modus – das ist etwas, das hinter einer (temporären) Paywall versteckt ist.

Was war ein Spiel, das früher gekämpft hat Im Laufe der Jahre hat es sich zu einem Spiel entwickelt, das viele zu imitieren suchen. Und wegen des plötzlichen und monumentalen Erfolgs, den Fortnite mit seinem Pivot hatte, ist es jetzt Open Season auf dem Sub-Genre, mit anderen Entwicklern, die versuchen, ihr eigenes Vermögen mit dem Konzept zu finden.

Die Zukunft von Battle Royale, und das Neue Competition

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With the battle royale sub-genre offering players a chance to test their mettle against a large player pool, not many games can offer that same type of thrills and satisfaction when making a good run of it. But just in 2018, we&#39;ve seen several games looking to chase the same hype surrounding the game mode, including The Darwin Project, S.O.S., Paladins: Battlegrounds, and Radical Heights–which recently saw the closing of developer Boss Key Productions. In a stranger case, the developers behind the loot-oriented action-RPG game Path of Exile included a free April Fools update featuring a new battle royale game mode, which ended up being surprise hit according to their developer blog. Though it only took a day for the creators to make, over 27,000 games were played in its first 31 hours online. Due to the surprise success, the developers are looking to implement the mode as a part of their seasonal content.

In May, Treyarch and Activision revealed the long-rumored battle royale mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 titled Blackout, which aims to celebrate the history of the sub-series while offering the largest-scale combat the franchise has seen yet. Shortly after, EA and DICE revealed Battlefield V. Though they didn&#39;t reveal their own take on battle royale, the developers shared their thoughts on the battle royale craze, stating that it would be a good fit for the Battlefield series. Whether any of the upcoming games will see the same monumental success of PlayerUnknown&#39;s Battlegrounds or Fortnite remains to be seen, but still, there&#39;s definitely a drive from developers to experiment and create something a bit different with their existing games.

There&#39;s a solid chance that battle royale will likely be a normalized game mode for many online shooters moving forward. One thing is for certain–the landscape of the battle royale sub-genre will look very different by year&#39;s end. With so many battle royale games on the way, and with Fornite&#39;s spot becoming more secure by the day, other developers will seek to introduce another battle royale hit to shift the paradigm once again. For PUBG&#39;s Greene, he welcomes the coming changes and titles adopting the game type, while all adding in their own unique take on it.

"That&#39;s what I always thought of the mode when I first invented it, in that it could be that [basic] mode eventually like capture the flag or king of the hill–it&#39;s that type of game mode, and I think it&#39;s flexible enough to be that," said Greene. "It&#39;s great to see the genre grow in the way it has. There&#39;s [a lot of] new and interesting spins coming out, like The Darwin Project just released the Director Mode, so it&#39;s so great to see those different takes on a very simple concept."

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