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Beaten by Trump, Jeff Bezos chooses Amazon Silence

For years


AMZN 1.66%

Chief Executive

Jeff Bezos

Last week, the billionaire was brought into the limelight by a series of attacks by the president. Englisch: emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art … = 263 & lang = en

Donald Trump.

Mr. Bezos? Answer? The Silent Treatment

In six tweets over a week, Mr. Trump has repeatedly angered Amazon about taxes, US postal service usage, and its impact on other retailers. He also called the Washington Post, which Mr. Bezos personally owns, a lobby section. He criticized Amazon at a press conference on Tuesday and aboard Air Force One on Thursday. The tweets and remarks stem largely from Mr. Trump's growing dissatisfaction with Washington Post reporting his government and its owner, say the presidential aides and White House affiliates

. Bezos, the richest man in the world, has ignored the president's attacks. He has stayed away from the public since Mr. Trump's tweets began last week, and he only tweeted once to express his condolences over recent shootings at YouTube headquarters.

Mr. Bezos criticized Mr. Trump before the election, but has not publicly criticized since Trump's election. This strategy, according to the people who are familiar with this thinking, fits in with his deep conviction to play the long game.

"I do not think there is any benefit to working with President Trump" as CEO

Paul Argenti,

Professor of Corporate Communications at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. "He clearly does not like her," he said of Mr. Trump's view of Amazon. "There is no point in holding back."

An Amazon spokesman declined to comment. The White House also declined to comment.

Some CEOs have spoken out after Mr. Trump criticized them or their companies.


managing Director

Mark Zuckerberg

In a September post, Mr. Trump's tweet refuted that "Facebook was always anti-Trump".

AT & T


Randall Stephenson

He noted the president's criticism of the company's merger plans at a November conference and said the company would not give in on its offer

Time Warner

Other CEOs, like

Goldman Sachs Group

Lloyd Blankfein,

The president has publicly criticized the president in response to positions such as banning travelers from certain countries. Englisch: www.bmeia.gv.at / en / foreign ̵

1; ministry … – europe.html. Bezos has been cautious in politics for a long time. The managing director has made calculated public donations, as in January for so-called Dreamer scholarships. He rarely tweets and decides to speak only occasionally publicly. His last major public interview was granted to his brother at a November conference on stage.

Still, as concerns over Amazon's growing power have been inflated in recent months, Mr. Bezos has been seen more publicly. He starred in the company's Super Bowl advertising this year and made the rounds at awards and parties in Hollywood. Last month he tweeted a photo of himself with a robot dog at his exclusive Mars conference in Palm Springs, California.

Mr. Bezos criticized Mr. Trump in the months leading up to the election. In 2015 Mr. Bezos replied to a critical tweet from Mr. Trump, suggesting that he offer the then candidate a ride on a spaceship. "Tell Donaldtospace," he added. At a conference in 2016, just before Trump was elected, Mr. Bezos said the candidate "eroded democracy on the margins". Amazon became one of the first companies to travel to Mr. Trump's travel ban last year, too, when Mr. Bezos sent an e-mail to co-workers explaining his move.

Amazon executives say they are aware of the company's growing dominance as it expands globally into new businesses and lives its way – from its grocery stores and Hollywood studios to its recent experiments in healthcare and financial services. The company has recently worked to improve its public image and lobbying, according to a person familiar with the matter. And it has made big waves by announcing tens of thousands of jobs, including in a new second headquarters.

Policy experts and analysts say there could be little Mr. Trump to regulate Amazon more heavily now. 19659006] While the company's share price fell by up to 8% last week on Mr. Trump's fears, it has recovered and some analysts and investors expect the stock to recover as the president moves on.

largely business as usual in Amazon, say people who are familiar with the matter. Mr. Trump's tweets are a topic of conversation, but they have not raised too much concern, these people say. While the decline in the stock price has led to a certain upset at the bottom, most ignore the flood of tweets with the expectation that it will end soon, one of the people said.

The Executives Have Remained Quiet "Part of this calmness derives from Mr. Bezos' focus on the long-term value of the company, an issue he frequently encounters at meetings and meetings in his annual letter to shareholders In all-round meetings with employees, Mr. Bezos quoted

Benjamin Graham

"In the short term, the market is a voting machine, but in the long run it is a balance."

Many of Mr. Trump's tweets seem to come in response to Washington Post articles he did not like, people near the White House said. Washington Post Chief Executive and Publisher

Fred Ryan

said this week that the newspaper works on news and editorial decisions completely independent of Mr. Bezos.

On Thursday, Mr. Trump criticized a headline in "Wrong News Washington Post, Amazon's" chief lobbyist. "

" Usually bad coverage! "He added in the tweet.

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