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bed time! What the World Series Game 1 looked like for children in four time zones

There was only one baseball game, and it was dramatic. Leads were taken and leads were lost, nails were bitten and a game was won. But there are four time zones in the continental 48, which means that for a child whose bedtime is at 9 o'clock. – but whose parents let them stay an extra half hour because it's the World Series, but only when she brushes her teeth and gets into her PJs of 9 – America actually held four different ball games last night , all end at different points.

We set four timers last night, one at 21.30 in each time zone. These are the game stories for each of them.

The East Coast Game

You could one day tell the story of the time when Chris Sale and Clayton Kershaw, the two best left-handers of their generation, fought until dawn under the ring for career-defining World Series ultimatums. And if they do, you will know that this World Series has played at least five games.

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Since in Game 1 on Tuesday every ace was a bit unpredictable, a little unfortunate, a bit not like him, since the early headlamp instead the two best offenses in the Game trade blows.

The Boston Red Sox jumped on Kershaw with three battered singles and two runs in the first inning; It was only Kershaw's pickup from J. D. Martinez – who broke early at a 3-2 count – that saved him for further work. A second rally was thwarted when Jackie Bradley Jr.'s missile raced through Kershaw's defenseless legs in the middle, but found the waiting glove of Manny Machado, who was second-base defensive.

The Los Angeles Dodgers With a run in the second (on a Matt Kemp Home Run) and a third in the heart of the Dodgers Order, three singles joined together to tie the game. Sale needed more than 70 seats to get the first nine outs.

Kershaw was quickly in trouble again in the third, then in trouble – and then, after the commercial "Outro" music had already played, suddenly back in it. Andrew Benintendi had previously focused on a wrong pop-up field in the left field in the inning, and Steve Pearce was called with a shortstop. Machado made a sterling match to bring the troop to second base, and Brian Dozier did the double, and the exclamation of Kerwin Danley, the first baseman, seemed to relieve Kershaw.

But a video review of the play threw Danleys on the head call, bringing Martinez to the plate with the result 1-0 Red Sox. Martinez took the lead 1-0. Then –

Time for bed, Kiddo.

Neeeeeeeeee, I can not just …

Sorry, mate, a deal is a deal. You can see who won in the morning.

The Central Game

Rafael Devers celebrates his RBI single in the fifth inning. Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sport

Even in this age of the Bullpen and Bullpennings, the closer and closer, the siren call of the Ace launchers causes the skippers to destroy themselves.

On Tuesday, Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora trusted his ace too many for one batter. Fifteen minutes later, in an almost scary situation, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts repeated the mistake – and even surpassed Cora by one.

The opening match of the 2018 World Series was to be decided by the genius of Clayton Kershaw or the wickedness of Chris Sale, the two best leftists of the decade. However, no pitcher was dominant, and after JD Martinez's 412-foot double in Steve Pearce rode in third, the Red Sox maintained a 3-2 lead for fourth.

Each pitcher facing the ground of the opposing order crossed. First it was Sale, beating two battles in a perfect fourth inning. Then it was Kershaw who hit a pair in his pristine clearance of the 7-8-9 batter.

Lesser starters in this modern game would be drawn at this point. No left-hander looked sharp; everyone was in the lead for the third time. But Cora started Sale's fifth inning and was rewarded with a leadoff walk to Brian Dozier. At this point, Cora replaced the sale, but the damage was done. The road would come to score Manny Machado's unique foundation and tie the game.

Roberts, who has used a deep and star-packed bank to aggressively pinch his regulars in this postseason, would have regretted the right-handed David Freese batted against Boston Matty Barnes in the middle of the rally – Freese stroked in a position for which Max Muncy or Cody Bellinger could have passed – but he had equalized the points that seemed the most important thing.

Roberts, having watched Sale's Glitch, made his own decision to make Kershaw at the end of this innings. He certainly believed that Kershaw is his own man and that the outcome of Sale has nothing to do with Kershaw. Confident that his ace was different, Roberts sent Kershaw to fifth – and Kershaw rewarded him with a lead-off walk. Roberts only let the leash out a little longer, and after a line crossing by Andrew Benintendi, the threat had doubled. Kershaw's night was over, and Ryan Madson's unlikely bid to stretch these runners was thwarted as Xander Bogaerts chased down the line to double-inch the game. One run scored on the field player's choice, and another on the following Rafael Devers single. With two on and two outs and the Red Sox now leading 5: 3, Ian Kinsler fell behind the 0-1 – [p19659002] OK, buddy, that was it for tonight. Bedtime

Buuuuut …

Come on, let's move. You can see who won in the morning.

The Mountain Game

There will be games in which the starting numbers 9 of the Los Angeles Dodgers are dubbed by the starting numbers of the opponents. It was Tuesday night at Fenway Park when the Red Sox leaped early in the Boston Red Sox thanks to the sloppy Dodgers, the Dodgers pitifully beating the men in the scoring position, and the disappointing performance of the Dodgers by their ace Clayton Kershaw ,

From the first game of each series to the last in Game 7, you can track the total MLB stats on ESPN Radio. Listen to »

But if there's one thing the rest of the National League learned when it was run over by the Dodgers, then L.A.'s starting nine is just the prologue. After a 5-3 win in the World Series and Boston's attempt to play matches with his best right-handers, coach Dave Roberts threw his sword in the other hand.

Joc Pederson, the left-hander outfielder, hit pinch and grounded sharply into the postponement for the first out of the seventh inning. He was followed by another Pinch Hitter, Max Muncy, who turned right. Starter Justin Turner also played along and the third pinch hitter of the inning, Yasmani Grandal, struck. He took a walk to load the bases.

Manny Machado flew to midfield to ride in a run. With Cody Bellinger – another former replacement – Boston came, blinked and replaced his disabled right-hander Ryan Brasier with the left Eduardo Rodriguez. The left-back has been much less reliable than Brasier lately, but Bellinger failed to recoup and flew out of the inning. Nevertheless, the Boston leadership was halved and Boston's situational relievers were now issued.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers' bullpen kept the game tight. Ryan Madson escaped the fifth inning without allowing his own runs, and Julio Urias put in a perfect sixth inning. Pedro Baez struck twice in the seventh game before Roberts made a change, with two runners and two runners and the Red Sox 5-4.

And now you have to go to bed, Munchkin.

Can not I see this next dough?

If it comes back from advertising, it's 9:30. And I do not want you to be grumpy tomorrow morning. Let's go, I'll put you in it. You can see who won in the morning.

The West Coast Game

Eduardo Nunez celebrates his home run, sealing the victory of the Red Sox. Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sport

It's a game of inches until it's turned into a game of shipyards.

Eduardo Nunez has opened a close competition with a three-run homer in the seventh inning, giving the Boston Red Sox an 8-4 win and a one-game lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. But Nunez's 373-foot line was just the last moment of suspense in a game kept taut by tough games, reviewed calls, narrow defenders and the dramatic pace of postseason baseball.

Minutes before Nunez earned the Red Sox a run of four runs, Boston's Andrew Benintendi had just run the inning with Boston just ahead of him. In a 0-2 count, he threw a flat fly down the left field line. Joc Pederson, straight into the left field play, stormed in, held out his gloved right hand but came forward. The ball slid off his glove and hopped off the warning lane and onto the stands for a principle-double. It was Benintendi & # 39; s fourth beat of the game of Dodgers left-handers.

This double and deliberate move to JD Martinez, who was trapped by Boston strikeouts, allowed the Red Sox to bring Rafael Devers two outs in this seventh inning. Dever's approach forced the Dodgers to replace right-hander Pedro Baez with left-handed Alex Wood, and Wood's appearance sped up Nunez's entry into the game, and Nunez & # 39; Heroic deeds ended nail-biting. Wood threw a corner ball, deep and out of the zone, but Nunez reached down and guided him sharply over the Green Monster.

It was the only run that came easily. The Red Sox had scored their first run after Mookie Betts' win, stealing second place after a throw that Manny Machado could not take – though Betts had beaten – and scored Benintendi's first goal. Benintendi took the second base on a nearby piece, and his grip on the pocket appeared as thin as a hydrogen bond. The Dodgers challenged the sure cry, claiming that the runner had broken the bag but lost the challenge; Benintendi would face Martinez & # 39; single in the inning and give the Red Sox an early 2: 0 lead.

The Dodgers would clear this lead with a pair of one-run innings, but the Red Sox would run in the third after a scoring run again. Steve Pearce hit a double-play relay after inch, a video review that this time overturned the "out" call on the field and extended the inning; Martinez doubled it. The Dodgers fought back – another single run, this time in a rally in the fifth – but the Red Sox again struck a double per inch to keep the bottom of the innings alive. This time it was Xander Bogaerts who ran down the finish line (when the starting shot came from the third round), and this time it was Rafael Devers who followed with a two-out-run scoring hit.

The Dodgers could still gain a lead rally, and one more lone run, on the victim carried by Manny Machado flies seven thousand. But Nunez responded with his explosion on the floor of the innings.

From that point on, the Red Sox just had to go on. Closer Craig Kimbrel had managed to keep it short during the postseason: he had five saves in five attempts, but four had been efforts. When the Red Sox worried about their sudden, wild fight, they tried not to show it, and Kimbrel has restored her confidence with his cleanest performance: 13 pitches, 10 strokes, including a few swinging strokes on vanishing corner balls. He finished Justin Turner by throwing two boring 97-mph fastballs aiming for the italic "g" on Turners chest. Turner fouled the first out of self-defense. He swung through the second, in suicide.

And that was that.

That was it?

That was that.

What now?

Now they go home until it's time to play tomorrow. And now you're going to brush your teeth. It is almost 9.

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