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Bedford teen uses near-death experience to warn peers of steaming dangers – Health News

BEDFORD, Ind. (WTHR) – A teenager from Indiana on the verge of death wants others to know about the dangers of steaming.

"I had it like every second of the day," said 16-year-old Old Cooper Stevens of Bedford.

Stevens never thought he would become addicted to e-cigarettes. He said he just liked to smoke the JUUL mint flavor.

"Probably at least 100 times a day," Stevens said.

His habit started last summer. He said other teenagers at his school had started and his interest had grown.

"I think the main thing was the smoke that came out of them and people would do tricks with them, there's nicotine in them, you get addicted and then you do not want to stop," Stevens said.

But three weeks ago he was forced to quit.

His mother took him to a doctor, after he began to suffer from headache, abdominal pain and mild-grade fever.

"He saw me two days later for a follow-up because he was not feeling better, and at that time he had a little inspiratory pain in the middle of the chest when he had a great depth effect. He had to vomit and was very dehydrated." said Jamie Bohnke, a pediatrician at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

Bohnke took a chest x-ray and said Stevens had a viral disease. She said there was no sign of pneumonia, and Stevens received medication and was sent home.

Bohnke said Stevens' mother called her the next morning because his chest pain had gotten worse. Bohnke advised her to take him to the emergency room.

"When she brought him to Riley, he was in respiratory distress, his oxygen level was 60 percent, he could not breathe, at one point he saw his mother and he asked," Mom, will I die? "Said Bohnke.

"I felt my body was going to shut down," Stevens said.

The teenager spent two weeks in a hospital and nine days in a respirator.

Stevens, who is also a nurse , could not believe losing her son.

Almost death and system failure of multiple organs Let the doctors look at you and say, "Be prepared for your child may not recover." Jacy said Stevens. "That was frightening."

"It was talked about whether he would lead a normal life if he could get away, if he ended up with a trachex or had oxygen at home for the rest of his life They had not experienced the kind of pneumonia they saw and heard in Wisconsin. This is medically new territory for us all, "said Bohnke Hospital and regaining his strength, saying his mission was to educate people about the dangers of fuming.

" I just go on and try to help people not like my friends to vapers, "said Stevens.

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