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Before the high-stakes split, Barack Obama plans to play a larger role in political races

Former President Barack Obama, who has had a weak public profile since leaving the White House, will return to politics before the November elections.

Obama will actively help the Democrats in the race near him, and he will step up fund-raising efforts for the party.

"The simple message right now is that when people attend and they choose this democracy to work," Obama said Thursday evening during a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in Beverly Hills, California. "The majority of the country does not want to see a dog meat world where everyone is angry all the time."

Without mentioning President Trump directly, Obama drew the contrast, I say: "We see a contest between two stories … There is a story that is mainly based on fear, and there is a story that is largely based on There's the story that says we're in it together, and there's the story that says we and they are there. "

Obama added that" fear is powerful "and that Democrats are have to do a lot of groundwork in November. "I would warn against extrapolating too much of a series of special elections and thinking that, okay, taking care of yourself." Because it can not be done. "

Obama should appear on a Friday event in San Francisco in favor of the Democratic National Campaign Committee

On July 1

7, Obama will hold a high-profile speech in South Africa on the occasion of Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday. While this speech is unlikely for thousands of people to address the direct political split in the United States, Obama will talk about tolerance and inclusion, organizers said.

"Mandela stood and sacrificed strongly for democratic values ​​and universal human rights, and this is an important moment for President Obama at a time when these values ​​and human rights are being attacked throughout the world," said David Axelrod, of Obama Chief strategist in his two presidential campaigns was.

Obama's return comes at a time of rampant anger among the electorate in both major political parties. While Democrats count on the ex-president to increase electoral turnout in the midterm elections, it remains unclear how effective Obama will be – or whether he will persuade Republicans to vote against his party.

During his presidency Obama was largely unsuccessful in transferring his popularity in the midst of the Democrats to his peers. But in 2017, he publicly supported three Democrats who successfully took office in Virginia, Alabama and New Jersey, and helped them bolster the turnout of African Americans and other voters.

Many Democrats Call on Obama to Speak at a Time Many believe that the country's democratic institutions and values ​​are being attacked and its relations with traditional allies are straining.

"I'll give you the abstract: Vote – Get Involved – Get Involved," Obama said at the Beverly Hills fundraiser, which featured reporters and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. "And do not wait for the perfect message, and do not wait for a tingling sensation in your spine, because you expect politicians to be so inspiring, poetic, and moving." Politics, like life, are imperfect, but there is better, and there is Worse. "

Since Trump's inauguration, he has systematically dismantled or gutted Obama's key initiatives, including environmental and banking regulations and key elements of the Affordable Care Act.

After leaving White House, Obama has occasionally made speeches, including one at the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation in Boston, where he demanded opposition to efforts to lift Obamacare. But he has stayed far beyond the political struggle and spent a lot of time meeting with world leaders abroad, writing memoirs and building his foundation.

It is a long-standing practice of former presidents to be short after leaving office.

Obama is galactically popular on Twitter but has been holding back on social media. With 103 million Twitter followers, Obama has nearly twice as many as Trump's 53 million.

But throughout June, Obama tweeted only three times: on the National Gun Violence Awareness Day, the death of TV personality Anthony Bourdain, and the Washington Stanley Cup championship of capitals. He also rescued Michelle Obama's retweet of Laura Bush's testimony to criticizing Trump's "immoral" border immigration policy.

Trump tweeted twice in the morning on Thursday.

Obama advocates said the former president's intent is to cultivate new leaders in the party, which is still affected by their loss in the 2016 presidential race.

"For the Democratic Party to rebuild, the next generation of leaders must lead, and the President is aware that when he's in the limelight, he's sucking oxygen from others," said Eric Schultz, senior adviser to Obama. "He wants to increase and support the next generation of leaders."

To help the Democrats in the fall, Obama will tap into his large network of community backers to support the election, the volunteers said. The former president also plans to make appearances and affirmations both in the state and in the house and in the senate.

Schultz said that Obama, who has often spoken of the need for greater civic engagement, "was encouraged by millions of people to kick their plates and mobilized" in marches across the country since leaving his office.

A February Gallup poll found that 63 percent of people approved the way Obama treated his job as president, while only 36 percent opposed it. 19659024] In a CNN poll last month, 56 percent of Americans said Obama was a better president than Trump, while 37 percent favored Trump over Obama.

"He is the most popular Democrat by far and probably of all heads of state in America – Republicans or Democrats," said Matthew Dowd, who was chief strategist for President George W. Bush's 2004 campaign and an ABC news political scientist. "For me, if he plays in the election, he's a big win for the Democrats."

Dowd cited another benefit for the Democrats: "It basically brings the Clintons, and that's a good thing."

Trump constantly calls Hillary Clinton on his attacks on Democrats and periodically calls his followers when he sees them referred to as "Crooked Hillary". Emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art … = 157 & lang = DE Science at the University of San Francisco said it was still unclear how much Influence Obama will have until November.

Obama is "very popular among the Democrats – especially among the Democrats, they should come out," noted Goldstein past difficulties in the transfer of popularity to other Democrats in 2010, 2014 and 2016.

Goldstein also interviewed whether Obama's "reasonable" tone would have the same effect as Democrats once did. "People are angry, and I do not think so many Progressives want to hear it," he said. "It's like telling your spouse, 'Calm down,' when [they] are angry."

Obama's speech on July 17 in Johannesburg on the occasion of Mandela's celebration may well be one of his most important appearances since leaving the White Land. He's been working on the speech for weeks, and Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, will be among the statesmen who are with him in South Africa.

He will talk about inequality and "work on dividing lines," a spokesperson for the Obama Foundation said.

Obama is also working with former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, a Democratic focus.

California, Obama has made clear how high the commitment to the midterms is and praised the "extraordinarily powerful" phenomenon of female candidates. He said it was time for the party to focus on the "nuts and bolts" of political organizing calls, dates and voter lists.

In addition, Obama underlined the need to make young people more heard. "The most important thing we can do is to invite and empower them, give them a voice, stop talking to them and start working with them … I became president because of a group of 20-year-olds in Iowa. "

Noah Smith of Los Angeles and Scott Clement of Washington contributed to the report.

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