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763 pounds of drugs brought by the tides over mysterious packages


The drug arrives "at tide" on the Atlantic coast: For several weeks now, the authorities have been investigating mysterious packages stranded on beaches with drugs and weighing 763kg of cocaine.

"The entire Atlantic facade" is affected by the phenomenon, Sunday informed the floor of Rennes in a statement.

The arrival of these packs is "since mid-October with an intensification since 4 November," said the prosecutor of Rennes, Philippe Astruc.

Investigators have conducted preliminary analysis that "these stranded packages appear to be actually bales containing narcotics, including high purity cocaine," and "therefore particularly dangerous," the prosecutors said.

These are "bales of cocaine + base +, 83% pure" and they are "stranded" on the faça from the Landes to the mouth of the Loire, "says Astruc

" So far, we have recovered 763 kg of anesthetic of which today 1

0 kg in Pornic and 12 in Arcachon, "said Mr. Astruc

The phenomenon is that" intensive monitoring by various services, including customs along the French coast, "was established, said the prosecutor.

"To date, a. In this way, a very significant amount of narcotics has been recovered" and "in view of the large number of discovery points", the Interregional Specialized Jurisdiction (Jirs) of Rennes has been confiscated.

It is initially used for the "centralization The research will be "conducted locally by the prosecutors of Saint-Nazaire, Bordeaux or Dax"

In Gironde, hikers have been using this packet of cocaine on the beaches of Vo since Thursday n La Teste and Arcachon discovered in the catchment area of ​​Arcachon. The parquet floor of Bordeaux conjures up "large quantities" without greater precision.

A source close to the file described for AFP bales arrived "sparingly" for one month on the Atlantic side, the Loire-Atlantique, the Basque Country, the Vendée or the Gironde.

They are "delivered to the tides", it said in this source.

Call for vigilance

The presence of these packages is taken very seriously by the gendarmerie, which has "directed a message of vigilance to persons who would detect such bales on the coast" and urges them to promptly 17 to call without touching these products.

"The contents and the container can be harmful to health", argue the gendarmes. These bales may pose a risk of contact or smoke.

In the Gironde have arranged five municipalities (Lège-Cap Ferret, Naujac, Lacanau, Le Porge, Hourtin), prohibit access to beaches, confirmed the prefecture and others could follow.

Apart from the fact that "any discovery must immediately be reported to the police or the gendarmerie without manipulation", the transport of this type of product is a crime. The prosecutor of Rennes said he was punished with 10 years imprisonment ,

The prosecution warns against consuming these narcotics. "This is a very dangerous product, in which form its consumption can lead to an overdose," he emphasizes.

Transportation accident, voluntary unloading of goods? The task is difficult for investigators who want to determine their origin.

"Several hypotheses are possible, but at this point we prefer a load shedding after a damage or a storm," he tells Philippe Astruc

. In the near future, the investigation was made by the prosecutor of Rennes because of their particular and extraordinary nature Section Maritime Gendarmerie Research, the gendarmerie group of the Pays de France region. The Loire and the Central Office for Combating Illicit Narcotic Drugs (Octris) "work together," the prosecutor added.

"A police cooperation at European level has also been set up." With the US authorities (DEA) & # 39 ;, says the same source.

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