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L'ex-CEO de Proximus Dominique Leroy a retrouvé du travail!

Publié le Lundi 11 Novembre 2019 à 14h01 Par Belga L'ancienne CEO de Proximus Dominique Leroy a retrouvé du travail auprès du bureau de consultance américaine Bain & Company, qui dispose d'un bureau à Bruxelles. Elle est désormais conseillère external, indique-t-elle sur son profile LinkedIn, comme l'a relevé le journal L'Echo. Début septembre, Dominique Leroy avait annoncé son départ de …

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Meghan Markle pregnant with her 2nd child? These clues that sow doubt

As Archie celebrates her six-month anniversary, does Meghan Markle and Prince Harry expect their second child? Here are some pointers that raise doubts. During a recent royal engagement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex went to the Cafe of the British Wives in Windsor. Meghan and Harry met families of military personnel stationed overseas and spent time playing with children. …

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Magnette breaks codes and communicates before the end of their mission: What is their strategy?

Paul Magnette invited the journalists to a press conference around 3 pm this Monday. The Socialist was appointed informant last Tuesday by King Philippe . This communication to the press and citizens is quite unusual during a royal mission. In general, the missions entrusted by the king are carried out with the utmost discretion. Why does Paul Magnette break the …

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The Estrie Champion of reported cases of Lyme Disease

The number of cases reported from 1 January to 5 November is 371, confirmed or likely, compared to 304 in 2018. Worst year to date The current year was 2017 with 329 reported cases. Also this year, Estrie was the most affected health region in Quebec with 139 cases, accounting for more than one-third of Quebec's total. The others were …

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La FEB plaide pour une révision générale du système belge des congés

Société                                           Fédération des entreprises de Belgique (FEB) plaide lundi pour une révision générale du système belge de congé. "Aujourd'hui encore, les congés pour soins sont principalement demandés par les femmes, constate-t-elle." Nous parviendrons ainsi à plus d'égalité dans la répartition des so de dans les ménages. La cuisine n'est pas un droit exclusif de la femme ", estime …

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Frouzins. Alisson fights endometriosis

A 27-year-old veterinary student in the 2nd year of the Frouzinoise Alisson Soum has been painfully battling endometriosis for years. We find her on a café terrace in Toulouse, accompanied by her best friend, who is steadfastly supported from the beginning. "I had my first pain at the age of ten," she recalls. For years, I have been living with …

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[TEST] The outer worlds, a first successful myth for obsidian

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Obsidian Entertainment Announce The Outer Worlds a RPG in the Open World that carries primarily the promise of a new license; The hype was presented from the beginning by both successive trailers as well as the historical quality of obsidian. The name of the studio is still closely related to the saga Falling but with the support of the Private …

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763 pounds of drugs brought by the tides over mysterious packages

World The drug arrives "at tide" on the Atlantic coast: For several weeks now, the authorities have been investigating mysterious packages stranded on beaches with drugs and weighing 763kg of cocaine. "The entire Atlantic facade" is affected by the phenomenon, Sunday informed the floor of Rennes in a statement. The arrival of these packs is "since mid-October with an intensification …

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"Johnny Hallyday, it was macho between guys …"

Posted on Sunday, November 10, 2019 at 9:28 pm By Sam Christophe Sheila was not on stage for a solo show ten years ago. She gave a show in Mons a few days ago and returns to the Royal Circus in January. In an interview with one of the biggest French stars we said "Stars" in the 60s and 70s. …

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