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Bose launches intelligent eyewear with built-in speaker

Bose introduces Frames, a pair of sunglasses equipped with a miniature audio system compatible with the Bose AR augmented reality platform. Explanations

Bose Frames are the world's first augmented reality audio glasses. Light, mobile and intelligent, they carry a small acoustic shell in each arm. They provide access to contextual information primarily through intelligent wizards such as Siri and Google Assistant. Like a head-motion sensor in the goggle in conjunction with the smartphone's GPS allows you to see what the user is looking at. In this way, he can get information or recommendations about what he has in front of him. For tactile and / or vocal control of the glasses a microphone and a multifunction button are integrated in the right temple.

In addition to these contextual information, you can also listen to music with these glasses B. To accept and make a traditional wireless headset.

Bose announces a 1

2-hour standby time and a 3.5 hour watch for a recharge time of approximately 2 hours. In terms of the glasses themselves, they should be able to filter 99% of UVA and UVB.

The Bose frames will be available in two versions (Alto and Rondo) from January 2019 for US states for $ 199 and then next spring around the world.

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