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Discovery of a new bird of prey in Mongolia

A new species of Oviraptorosaurier was found in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

Gobiraptor minutus, this dinosaur lived 80 to 70 million years ago (Cretaceous).

The creature was a member of a diverse group of feathered dinosaurs reminiscent of chalk birds from Asia and North America

Their incomplete skeleton, containing both cranial and postcranial elements, was discovered in the Nemegt Formation on Altan Uul III, province Ömnögovi, Mongolia

The specimen was distinguished by a team of paleontologists from Seoul National University, the University of Cape Town, the Institute of Geology of New York, China and the Institute of Paleontology and Geology of Mongolia

"Gobiraptor minutus through his unusually thick jaw from other Oviraptorosauriern ", said Dr. Yuong -Nam Lee of Seoul National University and Colleagues

"This unique morphology suggests that Gobiraptor minutus employed a crush-feeding strategy and supported earlier assumptions that Oviraptorosaurus would likely rely on" hard foods such as eggs, seeds or shells with hard shells "

Histological analysis of the femur of Gobiraptor minutus revealed that the specimen was likely to be a very young human.

" The discovery of a new species of Oviraptorosaur in the Nemegt Formation consisting mainly of River and lake deposits confirm that these dinosaurs were extremely well adapted to humid environments, "the researchers concluded.

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