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Frouzins. Alisson fights endometriosis

A 27-year-old veterinary student in the 2nd year of the Frouzinoise Alisson Soum has been painfully battling endometriosis for years. We find her on a café terrace in Toulouse, accompanied by her best friend, who is steadfastly supported from the beginning. "I had my first pain at the age of ten," she recalls. For years, I have been living with these extreme pains every single month without naming them. Only at the age of 19, this pathology was diagnosed.

Endometriosis is a chronic gynecological disease affecting every tenth woman, a nuisance pain that results in partial disability every month, or even in the most severe cases, a permanent handicap that requires strong analgesics Unfortunately, Alisson falls into the second category: "I was operated on for the first time with multiple ovarian cysts at the age of 1


Eight Surgical

This is only the beginning of a long-lasting illness, six months later Illness despite surgery and treatment with terrible pain. "Overall, I had surgery eight times. Last appointment on 2 August 2019 with removal of the tubes and reduction of the small intestine. Alisson has long since ruled out a possible pregnancy: "I had two miscarriages, but unfortunately the research showed significant ovarian failure and a very tired body to manage a possible pregnancy." She does not say how she lives the situation, but her sad face speaks for itself she.

So many steps that have weakened this young woman, followed by a psychiatrist for several months to treat a mental shock, cause some of the onset of this disease, "I also do hypnosis and sophrology. which could help me, but nothing works at the moment. "

Alisson fights and tries not to give up," we have to represent several medical opinions, I advise the Rangueil Hospital and the gynecological department, we need to find empathy to fight this disease and above all, not to be alone ". Alisson also insists that girls and parents need to think quickly when heavy menstrual pains persist: "It's not normal to suffer so much, doctors do not talk enough about endometriosis, and often delay diagnosis."

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