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Shootout: A Forty-Year-Old Boy Kills Flawinnes Sun7 This Sunday Night (Photos)


Riddles about the circumstances of the shots fired in this silent community of Namur: It is a reckoning.

The facts occurred at 9 pm this Sunday before the Sun 7 Press Flawinne. For unknown reasons, in Rue Vandy, not far from the bakery, there were shots that fatally injured a man in his forties. "I Can Confirm That Several Shots Have Been Fired Before This Night Shop" The press officer Charlotte Fosseur said while the Deputy Prosecutor of King Barbara Marganne entrusted us with ordering the most urgent investigative duties. At around 1

0:30 pm, the body of the deceased was still in place, while a large police cordoned off the neighborhood. The forensic police were already busy investigating the scene, and the ballistics expert was expected shortly after, while the witnesses were asked to stay for questioning.

Call it a real shoot, it's not yet known, but many people are talking about billing accounts. A few meters in front of the victim's house a van was seen. The forty-year-old who was killed that Sunday night would have gone with his girlfriend and two children to take her dog for a walk. A dispute with the occupants of the transporter would have burst before the shots. They fatally reached the inhabitants of the district, which was born in 1972. His companion would have been injured and the authors of the shots would have fled. Children are alive and kicking

Both the police and the prosecution insist that the investigation does not confirm or disprove these statements, which appear in social networks and more or less direct witnesses "At this point I can just add that the victim's partner was taken to the hospital, but I still do not know if it was because she was injured or escorted her … his companion ", closes Charlotte Fosseur


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