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[TEST] The outer worlds, a first successful myth for obsidian

Obsidian Entertainment Announce The Outer Worlds a RPG in the Open World that carries primarily the promise of a new license; The hype was presented from the beginning by both successive trailers as well as the historical quality of obsidian. The name of the studio is still closely related to the saga Falling but with the support of the Private Division label a new era begins . Will it be success or failure? The answer in our test below!

  • The Wild Beauty of Space

The modern open worlds have the advantage that we discover many unexplored lands in which the artistic divisions of each studio are the focus of joy. It should be noted that the system knows how to properly offer Halcyon, the wild and wavering colony of the Earth, its exotic . Particularly impressive are the heavenly panoramas as day / night cycles constantly make up planets and other asteroid belts under the stars. When looking at the sky, we really feel like a little cogwheel in a sublime universe .

In terms of the environment itself, color seems to have been the buzzword. My first few minutes of play made me discover a flora decorated which detonates on a blue sky ̵

1; the paradise seems to offer us. Spaceships, including stations, provide an aesthetic for Star Wars : New technologies that are still used, giving the whole realism and a story. Edgewater The city we first discover is a superb summary of the spirit of the game, but I'm not telling you anymore. You have discovered this in front of the cemetery, just before the big robotic conspiracy …

Here Obsidian probably shows his passionate love affair with Falling but also his difficulty in separating himself from the saga. Here we have seen a simple and effective combat system … and . It's not necessary to change a working recipe, but it often feels like you're playing a remake of New Vegas with a nice Reskin, which probably is not the effect you're looking for. Weapon Types, Health Inhalers, Melee, Zoom System … Obsidian took a well-tried recipe without the appreciable risk of improvement.

The same system on the companions side, They have their own peculiarities and a system of dialogue as delicious. We have consoles for improving / crafting / disassembling weapons and armor, averaging a certain number of octos, the motto of the game. There are also many different consumables with specialties like Sauthon.

  • A story promising

The colorful announcement of The outer worlds promised to discover a new universe, and if the gameplay is quite boring, the Halcyon system and its protagonists ] delicious . The hero without a past, who was elected alone in the face of a billion dangers, is an ancient recipe, it is true; Obsidian still serves him without pretension and with a certain skill. Hope is an old ship of colonization that has been lost and descended to the rank of a legend. Yet, we embody the only survivor who is supported in his quest for justice and answers by Phineas Wells a scientist / outlaw who is not necessarily alone in his mind and reminds Rick enough of the famous work . Rick and Morty .

From now on, we will find characters who are more unusual – yet more credible – than others, some of whom are allies. The dialogues are really well done and humorously bring with them the problems that devour the Halcyon system: poverty, lack of drugs and, above all, the oppressive dominance of big corporations.

Like management writing artistically, characters and the universe is explosive, employing both humor and resourcefulness. Obsidian Entertainment has developed a very good game here, but in particular a solid foundation for a potentially promising license .

We Loved:

  • Art Direction
  • Bright Colors
  • The Universe very interesting
  • The colorful characters
  • Overall applied writing and fun

We liked it less:

  • Die Character animations are not optimal
  • The innovative gameplay
  • Trees Skills / Qualities / Errors not quite different

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