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Belkin displays Chromebook USB-C keyboards at ISTE 2018

Belkin Education, Belkin Education, participated in this year's ISTE 2018 to develop a trend-setting solution for Chrome OS devices that do not include a physical keyboard. There are a total of two variants of the concept, both of which will be available this summer. The Belkin Tablet Keyboard for Chrome OS is, as its name suggests, a wired keyboard designed specifically for the Chromebook market. The Belkin Tablet Stand with Stand for Chrome OS is also self-explanatory and features the same keyboard with a built-in stand to provide a laptop-like experience. In fact, the stand is actually the only distinguishing feature between the two new keyboards.

The first of these two keyboards, sold directly by Belkin for $ 39.99, is for use with any Chromebook where an external keyboard may be desirable. For example, it could be used with any of the Chrome OS slates that undoubtedly follow the release of Acer Chromebook Tab 10. Conversely, it would also be well-suited for use next to a convertible Chromebook when set up in tablet, tent or stand configuration. The latter is for tabs only and will be sold for $ 49.99. In addition to connecting to a Chromebook via USB Type-C, there is also a willingness for standardized testing with SBAC and PARCC tests. No special software or drivers are needed, and the "Proper Connection" screen ensures that users know they can begin typing using the full size buttons on both devices. Because they are designed to work with Chrome OS, the keys are set in a layout familiar to those who already use the system. In addition, some of the lower keyboard functions have been highlighted in blue to help students and teachers access the keyboard shortcuts.

In the meantime, no batteries are needed, which means the weight can be kept to a minimum, stacked to easily store within the limited space available in a classroom. On the other hand, Belkin's focus on durability should ensure that they survive the vast majority of abuses that students can hand out.

Belkin Tablet Keyboard for Chrome OS
Wired Tablet Keyboard with bracket for Chrome OS

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