Bella Hadid wore red.

Supermodel Bella Hadid has speculated that she has an appointment with Drake after his last Album "Scorpion" put an end to it.

The song "Finesse" on the album, which fell Thursday at midnight, suggests a mysterious beauty that certainly sounded like Hadid, 21.

While "Finesse" Drake, 31, raps about delusion:

I can not even lie / I'd rather stay inside / I can not make a suit and tie / Can not be in a room with you and on different Pages stand / One thing at a time / I have to learn to hide / One thing at a time / Emotions high / I wish you feel alright "

More significant was another lyric that was specific to New York fashion Week

"I want my baby to have your eyes / I'll be against it My own advice / Should I go to New York? I can not decide / Fashion Week is more your thing than mine "

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Drake released the album "Scorpion" on Thursday. (Photo: Invision)

Then the Canadian rapper threw back a possible lyrical allusion to Hadid and her model sister Gigi.

"You stay in your head / You and your sister are too hot to deal with / Things would be canceled
/ I would take time for you / Engagement

But Bella, who seems to be reunited with The Weeknd after being seen together at the Cannes Film Festival in May, put the kiboosh on the Gossip on Friday

"Not me! that's disrespectful, "she tweeted about Drake's relationship speculation. "WHY CAN PPL BE FRIENDS, without the allusion?"

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