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Ben McKenzie drops script to focus on new direction – Deadline

The time runs out for Jim Gordon and Gotham and no one is more aware of this fact than Ben McKenzie, the actor who named the flinty Gordon for five seasons in the Fox series, his name Shares, portrays Batman's hometown. "It's a lot to understand," McKenzie said of the Gotham finale airing tonight. "It really is one of those bittersweet moments. But the show was never an open offer.

Today's finale is titled "The Beginning …", but the name is not as ironic as it sounds. The drama was developed as a kind of "prequel technique" that leads to the well-known Batman mythology that DC Comics has been publishing since 1939. The narrative window would begin in the youth of Bruce Wayne with the murder of his parents and effectively end with his first raids as a costumed crimefighter: Gotham would end when Batman begins. This closing moment comes tonight with the 100th episode of the show and the first in which the Caped Crusader is in action.

Gotham Fans are more than ready to see Dark Knight in all his disguised splendor, but the show's creative team has not shared that zeal. Only the opposite. Executive producer Bruno Heller, the British producer best known for The Mentalist and Rome said he never would have developed the show when it came to a traditional costume design. Heroes franchise acted. "I do not think Batman works very well on TV," Heller said in 2014. "People behind masks?" Honestly, all those superhero stories I've seen, I always love them – until they get into the costume.

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This has made Gotham an eccentric entry into the superhero field, but not a completely unprecedented one. Smallville (217 episodes, 2001-2010) still ruled as the longest-running television series ever based on DC Comics heroes and creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar had a similar dislike for costumed exploits. Their early mission statement was "No flights, no tights" and the series continued until the last episode to bring Clark Kent (Tom Welling) to Superman's legendary suit.

For Heller and his team, the key to a persuasive Gotham without Batman was to highlight the intimate friend of hero James Gordon, the dedicated lawyer who was destined to become a law enforcement officer of a city police commissioner Celebrity criminal. Gordon was featured in the first panel of the first page of the first Batman comic ever released, No. 27 Detective Comics the milestone edition that reached its 80th birthday last month. Gotham added a key element to his version of Gordon – when Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered, Gordon is the detective handling the investigation.

Gordon is the good cop who sticks his morale in a jail to a bad city that loses its marbles. The show found the man for the job in McKenzie who had portrayed LAPD officer Ben Sherman on the highly regarded (but low-rated) Southland aired on NBC and TNT from 2009 to 2013. Previously, Texan Ryan Atwood portrayed an unkempt outsider who was adopted by a wealthy Newport Beach couple and the character The OC the frothy Fox teenage drama that aired from 2003 to 2007 for 92 episodes. [19659010] "I had some things in common with the character," McKenzie shrugs. It's true, the 23-year-old actor wandered west from dusty Austin (rather than rural chino) to Southern California and bought a flashy Cadlliac DeVille that had covered 17 years and 228,000 kilometers. "That's many miles."

McKenzie has come a long way in his personal wheel of life playing Gordon's role. For example, in 2017, McKenzie married his then-co-star Gotham Morena Baccarin, who Dr. Leslie Thompkins has portrayed in the series (and for her role in Deadpool [19459004)bekanntist] films as a mutant antihero love interest). The couple has his first child now.

For McKenzie, the end of Gotham completes a crucial chapter in his screen life. But he also hopes that the last seasons will one day also be the prelude to another career story – a writing and directing time. The actor led the sixth episode of Season 5 and one in each of the previous two seasons. McKenzie has also written the screenplay for two Gotham episodes: "One of my three soups" in Season Four and "The Trial against Jim Gordon" this past season.

The author McKenzie, didn & # 39; He is simply concerned with his fictional screen person. The policeman took a slug in the chest and hovered near death for much of the episode, staying somewhere between "here" and "beyond" in an existential courtroom in which he had to defend his life's pity ", McKenzie chuckled. "The less sympathy you feel, the better, I would say. The more pain you inflict on the protagonist, the higher the stakes and the more emotions are triggered. So I had to be a bit of a masochist. To bring him through the bell and experience this existential crisis, this dream in which he uncovers his crime and loses everything: the love of his life and his child at the same time. I think we arrived there. That's about as high as you can get. I think, finally, happy with the kind of emotional payoff we were looking for.

This seems to apply for the entire season. The final episode is also an epic farewell, with a story that blows forward a decade (long enough to wear a new mustache) and the penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) returns from prison and Bruce Wayne returns to his ancestral home after years in self-imposed exile. It also coincides with the rise of the Joker (Cameron Monaghan) of the off-off version of the show. "It's fitting that he end up in conflict with Gordon and Wayne," McKenzie said. "Cameron was fantastic and there was room for another big flowering with the roll."

Most of the reviews were from good to great and encouraging for the cast and crew of a series that was inconsistent or intermittent. "Everyone was very excited and positive," said McKenzie. "The last season has finished things the way the audience hoped."

Gotham City is arguably the most famous city that has been created in American popular culture since the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz (though Metropolis, Springfield, Mayberry, Twin Peaks and Riverdale are other prominent spots on the map of un-real estate). Even without Batman, the city, marked by greed, paved in corruption and mapped by traumas, seems to have no limit to its history.

"It's extraordinary when you think about it," McKenzie said. "The city itself is a figure. There are many stories in Gotham City. There are also a lot of stories told from Gotham. "

It is true, Gotham City will be the location of Batwoman (19459004), the pilot of The CW this fall, and for a series of upcoming feature films including Joker The Batman and the Birds of Prey project.

Also this year: a Harley Quinn animation and Pennyworth (a series on Batman's faithful butler) to Epix. Pennyworth and Gotham are not related in their continuity to the story, but both come from the tandem of executive producer / writer Bruno Heller (The Mentalist) and the executive producer / director Danny Cannon ( CSI franchise).

A Transient Reference in the 2016 Film Suicide Squad identified Gotham City as an important conurbation in the Garden State. The city's location has been a vague affair for decades, but now it's officially part of the map of New Jersey, and Springsteen is not the only local hero named Bruce.

At Gotham the city feels more like Al Capone's Chicago than Dracula's Transylvania. "There is a certain look and style that characterizes Gotham who honors the show. His visual identity is unmistakable and it was really interesting to work as a director in it. "

Did McKenzie inherit everything that Gordon takes with him? We also have some things in common: he lives in the same city I live in, New York, but in the more dramatic version, he had to figure things out quickly, and his life has changed, he said has met the love of his life and got a child, there are many things in common, but I did not buy a gun and I do not go around shooting one, and I'm more of a guy for jeans and t-shirts, but Gordon has one for me Good suit, but that's for sure. "

McKenzie said he learned a lot from the creative team he worked with, and he believes that his acting has improved his direction and vice versa. There are several new projects that are promising for McKenzie both as a screen presence and as an author or director. But the departure of Gotham was a sentimental exercise for the man playing the silent detective.

"It's hard. I've been through it a few times. I've been to two shows before, so it was less daunting than before. I have really built strong relationships with these people. We spent more time together nine months a year than with our families. It was a joy and an experience that I will never forget. I can not forget it. I wake up every morning with my wife and child who have been there. Yes, it was a city without borders for me. "

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