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Ben Simmons injury update: 76s fail indefinitely with partial luxation of the left kneecap

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Breaking: Ben Simmons out with knee injury due to unknown time

The Philadelphia 76ers will do without Ben Simmons for the foreseeable future. The All-Star striker suffered a subluxation of his left kneecap against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, the team said on Thursday. Simmons is currently reviewing various treatment options for the injury, and the two-time All-Star will fail indefinitely in the meantime.

The good news for the Sixers is that Simmons MRI showed no ligament damage, according to The Athletic̵

7;s Shams Charania. Sixers head coach Brett Brown said he was unable to provide Simmons with a schedule for a possible return on Thursday, but said the team should have more information within the next 24 hours. Sixers’ guard Josh Richardson spoke to Simmons on Wednesday night and said Simmons was “optimistic” about possibly returning this season.

Simmons’ injury occurred at the end of the third quarter of Philadelphia’s competition against the wizards. Simmons grabbed an offensive rebound, dribbled into the corner, and threw the ball at Al Horford’s post. Horford was called to an offensive foul and after the whistle Simmons began to bend his leg and then checked himself out of the game. Then he made his way to the locker room, followed by Sixer’s GM Elton Brand.

The injury is obviously a heavy blow to Simmons, especially given the fact that he worked extremely hard during the season hiatus to make sure he could get back on track for his team. Back in February, before the league was closed, Simmons had to take a break with nerve disorders in his lower back. At that point it wasn’t clear when he could return during the season. However, the league’s break of more than four months provided Simmons with enough recovery time.

The Sixers will be able to complete their sowing in eight games without Simmons, but they will certainly hope to have it again before the post-season game begins. At best, Simmons is a nightly triple-double threat and one of the best defenders in the entire NBA, and the Sixers are going to need him to get close to if they want to get deep into the postseason. The Sixers defeated the Wizards on Wednesday to hit 41-27 and 2-1 on the bubble. They are now one game back from the Indiana Pacers for fifth place in the Eastern Conference and two games back from the Miami Heat for fourth place.

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