Chicago Cubs player Ben Zobrist filed a legal separation lawsuit this week in Williamson County, Tennessee, with his wife Julianna.

The split occurs just days after Zobrist, a three-time All-Star, and the 2016 World Series MVP announced that he would take a longer leave of absence from the team.

The couple owns a home in Williamson County outside of Nashville for 12 years. You are married since 2005.

According to the tripartite file, his wife "committed inappropriate marital behavior that makes living together impossible".

Zobrist, 37, hopes that the parties will conclude a marital resolution contract and a permanent parenting plan, or that a judge will take a legal separation order and live separately "unless they can reconcile".

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Ben Zobrist said goodbye to the Cubs to settle his marriage issues. (Photo: Tim Heitman, USA TODAY Sports)

"The husband is not sure if the marriage can be saved," the file says.

The couple has three small children. Julianna Zobrist is a singer and author who published a book last year.

Julianna Zobrist also filed for divorce in Cook County, Illinois, records show.