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Bernie Sanders should know better than this ridiculous attack on the Washington Post

All the more disappointing is what Sanders did on Monday in New Hampshire.

Sanders spoke in a town hall about his now well-known reef, as Amazon pays no taxes. And then he said the following:

"I keep talking about it all the time, and then I wonder why the Washington Post – owned by Jeff Bezos, owned by the Amazon – does not write very good articles about me I do not know why I think there is a connection. "

Well, no, there is none. And what Sanders does there is no different from what Trump does – both in his attacks on the media in general and his specific hits on the Washington Post.

Do not you believe me? Tell me what's different from what Sanders said, and Trump's [201
79008] 2017 Tweet makes a difference!

The opinions expressed in both comments are the same: as Bezos, a billionaire founder of Amazon, is also the owner of the Post, the newspaper is hopelessly biased toward anyone who has negative things to say about Amazon Sanders said and what Trump has long been claiming is that there is a corporate coffer that gets them out because they had the audacity to speak out.

Senator Sanders is a member of a big club of politicians – of any ideology – who talk about complaining about their coverage, "said Swiss Post's editor-in-chief, Marty Baron, in a statement after Sander's unfounded allegation. "Contrary to the conspiracy theory that the Senator seems to favor, Jeff Bezos has our newsroom work in complete independence, as our reporters and editors confirm."

I'm one of those reporters that mentions Marty. I worked for the Washington Post for a decade before joining CNN in early 2017. Bezos has owned the company for the past three years. Not even at this time – and I wrote several articles a day on politics and politicians (including Sanders and Trump) during this period – was there even a hint of Bezo's influence in the newsroom.

None. Zero.

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[19659003] What Sander's statement Really terrible on Monday is that he knows all about it. He has been in politics for a long time. He knows that the job of the Post – and of CNN and every other major media organization – is not to give him (or any other candidate for the presidency) "good articles" about his candidacy. The role of the media is to hold the politicians accountable, review their claims, and educate the public. To make politicians not happy.

Sanders even admitted this Tuesday when he was asked to comment on his comments.

"I think Jeff Bezos is on the phone and tells the Washington Post editor what to do, no way, it does not work that way," he said. Then he continued his attack: "But what I think in the media is generally a framework under which the New York Times operates, under which the Washington Post operates, under which CNN operates, for example, I was in the Politics for One You know, not a single reporter ever asked me, "Bernie? What will you do about the grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality? "

Faiz Shakir, campaign manager for Sanders, added," Criticism has increased, Senator Sanders has always been frustrated with the role of corporate media and their role in the US Politics Newsroom, but of the culture that can refuse things that the senator considers important. "

Now. It's important to note that it's as ridiculous as what Sanders said on Monday about the Post compared to the damage Trump's dishonest and extensive attacks on the media have done in the past four years. A comment by Sanders is not synonymous with the mountain of lies and allusions of Trump.
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But the standard for Democrats should not be a version of "Well, Trump did the same – and worse!" There is no debate that Trump's idea of ​​the presidency as a beacon would have undermined or completely destroyed moral leadership. But occasionally riding Trump on the low street is not a recipe to show the country the necessary change the Democrats think they are.

And again: Sanders knows better. (Trump of course, too.) He said what he said to get a cheap line of applause in a town hall with many followers. The problem for Sanders, Trump, and politics in general is that many of the people who hear such things from them do not know better. They actually believe that there is some kind of conspiracy between the American company and the news media. And if politicians, whether they're Sanders, Trump, or anyone else in a party, stir up that feeling, it's dangerous. And bad for democracy. Point.

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