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Bernie Sanders stays on the stump after receiving stitches for head wound

Sanders' team told reporters shortly before a health care panel on Friday that he received seven stitches – along with a clean bill of health – at a local walk-in post-surgery clinic "on the edge of a glass shower door. "

Sanders did not acknowledge the bandage over his left eye, except to briefly attend the area around the sutures, during his panel with patients and health care experts at the International Longshoremen's Local Association 1422 Union Hall in Charleston.

After 20 local clergy members, the campaign said. He wants to carry on as scheduled to Nevada for a rally on Saturday.

Sanders' second appearance in Palmetto State, where he lost to Hillary Clinton in the 201

6 primary, since beginning his 2020 presidential campaign almost a month ago. Charleston Baptist Church (19659005) "Tonight, we say very clearly on the private health insurance companies, whether you like or not "The United States of America wants to join every other major country on Earth and make sure it's a good one," Sanders told the crowd, "Making his Medicare for all pitch. "You know, and I want you all to know this, every day in the newspapers there's another columnist, and editorial attacking me – 'this is an impractical idea.' You can tell the people of Canada and Germany and Scandinavia and France and the United Kingdom. "


"We have a system in which insurance companies and drug companies make and still have millions of Americans who can not afford to go to the doctor, "Sanders told the gathering. "To me, that's pretty crazy stuff."

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