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Best Buy surpasses Google Fi and Prime Day discounts for Pixel 3, 3 XL, and 3a XL

Amazon has not just knocked our socks off with its Prime Day deals on Google's latest Android phones, which matched or just exceeded the previous Best Buy and search engine giant rebates. But now the Pixel 3 and 3 XL with Google Fi activation are available at new, all-time low prices, and with Best Buy you can save as much as $ 300 in just 24 hours … under certain conditions.

Namely, you can withdraw up to $ 360 off the list prices of the two Snapdragon 845 unlocked phones or sign up for a monthly Verizon installment plan and pay $ 350 less than usual. This means that you can buy the 5.5-inch Pixel 3 for only $ 1
8.74 a month with a two-year commitment, which is a total of only about $ 450. In the meantime, Pixel 3 XL is starting at $ 22.91 instead of $ 37.50 a month on a two-year Big Red device payment plan, which is a very reasonable $ 550.
If you do not want to commit to a particular provider In advance, the Pixel 3 and 3 XL have dropped $ 260 to $ 540 and $ 640, respectively. The aforementioned $ 360 discount applies only to the smaller model in unlocked mode if you have no trouble activating it right from the start with Sprint. If you would prefer to use Pixel 3 for Verizon or AT & T, you also expect a price reduction of over $ 310, which means you'll have to run out of $ 490 and more.
Unfortunately, there are no noteworthy discounts granted to buyers of the giant Pixel 3 XL with the activation of the provider in advance. However, if you like big phones, the unlocked, medium-sized Pixel 3a XL will give you a free $ 100 e-gift card. Even better, you can combine this promo with an actual $ 100 discount when you activate the 6-incher with Snapdragon 670 on Sprint. Ultimately, Verizon and AT & T activators can receive a small $ 50 rebate in addition to the free e-coupon mentioned above.
Regarding the 5.6-inch pixel 3a, unfortunately, we have nothing new to report on the front, although you can still get up to 100 USD discount if you activate it on select providers.

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