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Best TV 2019: The 5 Best Shows of March

March was a fantastic month for TV debuts. There were so many interesting that I cut a bunch of other shows that deserve a shoutout.

Also listed are the shows below – five brand new programs (OK, four brand new programs and a second season the show is running) The second season is very different from the first and seven recurring shows, which are worth a look – from prestige games to genre wackiness to traditional sitcoms, as always we have star ratings for shows where we've seen enough to feel we can give a fair rating.

Here are the best TV shows who started the new seasons in March and if you can not do it Find something you want to see here and probably choose another program at random The chances are good, it will be interesting at least. ( Or You could review our summaries of the Best TV of February and January.)

NBCs Abby's is not all, but with this cast and these writers, It has plenty of room to grow

You should know from above that I'm Abby's for # 39; s was in the tank before I saw something like a frame.

To begin with, it's a multi-camera sitcom – that is, it was filmed in front of a live-studio audience – and I love multi-camera sitcoms. Second, Natalie Morales (from The Middleman and Parks & Recreation ) and Neil Flynn (from Scrubs and The Middle ). two of these actors, who are great each time they appear, but are a little underrated. And finally, it was filmed before a live audience, yes, but it was filmed outside them outside !!! Why are not more shows being filmed outside ?!

Abby (Morales) has opened a bar in her garden, trying to gain some control over her life and with the friends made available to all Made-for-TV bars. When her new landlord Bill (a weirdly funny Nelson Franklin) shows up to ask why there's a bar in the backyard of the house he inherited from his aunt, there are complications.

Like many multi-camera sitcoms in the early days, Abby's will have to grow a bit to become his best self. The first episode sweats a bit to set the premise of the show, and the show's punchlines can be a bit soft. But the creator Josh Malmuth cut his teeth New Girl and Superstore (two of my last favorites) and comedy mastermind Michael Schur [ Parks & Recreation [The Good Place] is an executive producer. Pamela Fryman, the terrific director who directed nearly every episode of How I Met Your Mother cleverly holds the show together.

With the second episode of Abby's a nice scene has established a rhythm that, after a handful of episodes, suggests it could be as good as any sitcom shot outdoors (ie Very Good For shooting an outdoor sitcom is a great idea . ).

Check out Abby's if you like: Cheers (this is a gimme), Happy Endings Rescue Me

Where To See: New episodes will air on Thursdays at 21:30 Eastern on NBC. Earlier episodes are available on Hulu. (The show debuted on Thursday, March 28, so you'll hear just one episode!)

Hulu's The law is unbelievably horrible, but it finds something beautiful in venomous intimacy

Here's an excerpt from my earlier piece about The Act Hulu's new limited edition series on the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard:

The core of the series is a discarded and deeply broken mother-daughter relationship. Dee Dee (Patricia Arquette) deeply loves her daughter Gypsy Rose (Joey King), but Gypsy is very, very ill, and Dee Dee has sacrificed or given up everything that is not interested in Gypsy's need.

To It's Not Good, The law does not hide that Gypsy is not really sick and that Dee Dee causes her daughter's complaints inexplicably because anyone who made that story out of an earlier buzzfeed Article The Law is based on – or with HBO's true Criminal Records on Dee Dee and Gypsy – Mommy Dead and Dearest or Lifetimes TV movie version of this story – is accessed

King, which is great, speaks almost shrill, so that Gypsy appears vulnerable all the time, which allows Dee Dee to disguise everything about her daughter, from Gypsy's physical well-being to her age. And Arquette, who knows a thing or two about how he plays women driven by an inexplicable dark urge on himself, is so good at it, the moment at every doctor's visit, every time he stays in a friend's house, at each social encounter, in the Dee Dee, power nails the momentum to a penny and demands that Gypsy surrender herself to her control before others find out what's happening. Watch The Act If You Want: American Crime Story The History of the Servant all repeats of Gray Gardens

Where to See : New episodes debut on Hulu on Wednesdays.

Netflix's The OA takes a plunge into an alternate universe in a potentially alienating, actually pretty crazy Season 2

Here's a full summary of my thoughts on The OA & # 39; s second season: jasdghjalqughsafdl; kj; lkbvnghabnh [oier!!!zbsbnafngafjbha;sgh;1zHban;lsghasgl;ah!aghghghghasdj;fahsd;ljhag!

This is said] The OA who always opposed the explanation, opposes the explanation even more than usual in the second season, which is a kind of film Noir shooting is in the show. This season, OA (co-creator Brit Marling) was drawn into another universe version of San Francisco in which a detective tries to find out the secret around her, the mysterious Hap (Jason Isaacs), and the even more mysterious movements OA and a handful of other people were given because they are constantly dying, receive new movements of beings who live in the hereafter, and then forcibly resurrected.

The movements may save the world. Or maybe equip people with superpowers. Or just let people travel between universes. In the first season they have definitely set a shooting. Oh. Shit. I have not even talked about the Tree Internet. Or the giant octopus. I mean, you want to watch this show right now?

Look: I gave the first season of this show a deterrent review, but over time, I've always thought about it. And think about it. And think about it. Until I convinced myself that The OA is a kind of genius and incredibly stupid at the same time. And you know what? I love it! I love his stupid, irregular atmosphere. And I love that it's not anything else in a TV environment where there are so many shows that every show is something different. Not The OA ! The OA is just like The OA !

Oh, yes, at least you watch this show so you can see the end of the second season. Is. Bonkers .

Watch The OA Season 2 if you like: The OA Season 1, Twin Peaks Season 3, any YouTube video where someone tries to prove That reptilian aliens exist and have infiltrated the highest power levels of the US government, John from Cincinnati

Where to See: The OA is pouring on Netflix

] Hulu & # 39; s Shrill is a warm and funny look at life as a fat woman, based on Lindy West's bestsellers and Aidy Bryant

Here is an excerpt from Constance Grady's earlier four-star review by Hulu & # 39; Shrill based on Lindy West's book of the same name Saturday Night Live [Aidy Bryant] [23659046] Shrill The new Hulu series based on Lindy West's 2016 memoirs is everything else as a shrill. It's a quiet, gentle show with a kind of tender restraint. In this world, dinner in a strip club with subdued music becomes an unobtrusive conversation about the importance of grooming and how good the shrimp are. An abortion is over in a single, nervous, intimate montage. Against the warm grays of Shrill 's color, our heroine's pink dresses shine like sorbets.

The heroine in question is Annie ( Saturday Night Live .) S Aidy Bryant), and she is careful to be calm and gentle and warm and never to do anything called "shrill." could. She is fat and has no desire to be in the special kind of hate reserved for fat women when they get loud and angry or when they appear confident.

Shrill first season runs for six half-hour episodes – each by Bryant, West and Showrunner Ali Rushfield – and their project is to teach Annie that it's okay if other people think she's shrill. It's okay if you call her a fat bitch. Most importantly, she stops spending her life apologizing to these people for their presence. [19659491] Shrill if you like: Better Things, Fleabag, Enlightened

19659013] Shrill is pouring over Hulu.

FX's What we do in the Shadow is a witty riff on the classic comedy film about the deathless vampires so irritated .

Here is an excerpt from Aja Romano's previous three and a half star review of FX's new TV version of the cult favorite movie:

Although the film version of What We Do in the Shadows (released in 2015) has never achieved a big release in the US, it has been constantly loved by fans who later discovered it through internet memes and word of mouth. The things that made it hard selling in the cinema – the allegedly tiny budget, the combination of several tired movie genres (horror comedy, vampires, mockumentaries) and, above all, the emphasis on situational comedy skits – kind of storyline – everything worked wonderfully online, with the film could be packed and distributed as a series of funny jokes, all in GIF format and easily digestible.

The Most Important Pleasure of the Episodic Comedy Version of FX What We Do in the Shadow is how close it hangs from the formula of its equally sexy predecessor. In their story of a witty militant modern vampire coven, co-creators Jemaine Clement ( Escape the Conchords ) and Taika Waititi ( Thor: Ragnarok ) have formulated a comedy reverence and disrespect: love for more as a 150-year vampire myth mingling with a saucy fondness for Horror Tropics Twilight and awkward roommate situations.

But in weekly 22-minute chunks, a demotivated vampire fought to fight ancient curses, the local city council and a slight werewolf attack seem like rich laugh material entertaining enough to deliver satisfying joke setups without his To lose novelty. Watch What we do in the shadows 19659012] if you like: Escape the Conchords BoJack Horseman The Vampire Diaries

Where to see: New Follow Wednesday at 10 o'clock East on FX. Earlier episodes are available on FX streaming platforms.

7 repeating shows show that you really should look for

  Justin Baldoni and Gina Rodriguez about Jane the Virgin

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Jane the Virgin is back to last season.

That's right. Seven. Seven Shows came back in March, which I at least like – and some that I adore. It's partly March, April, and May is the TV version of the awards season, but I'm also glad that I have a few TV shows that I like to beam.

  • I'm really surprised Barry (HBO), Sundays at 22:30 (East), a second season could be set up. The comedy about a hitman (Bill Hader) became Hollywood spit in his first season, which won Hader and Henry Winkler Emmys. The second season is just as good – and could make my year-end the best TV list if it can maintain quality.
  • Meanwhile, billion (Showtime, Sundays at 9:00 am Eastern) remains one of the juiciest treats of television, and the fourth season features the two main roles of the show (Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis) Finally, working towards a common goal offers the kind of venomous masculinity that makes for fun television, as well as the venomous boy of the Show Club turns everything that touches it into ashes while all the acidic one-liners spit.
  • I've written more about the fourth and final season of Catastrophe (Streaming ) on Amazon Video [19456522]] in this piece about the finale of the series, which is perfect. The rest of the season is not quite up to this level, but it's still a moving and funny look at what happens when you fall in love and reconfigure your whole life for another person.
  • At some point I have & # 39; I will catch up The Good Fight (new episodes on Wednesdays on CBS All Access ) but for the moment I would like to draw your attention to all the praise of my colleagues Good Wife Spinoff who, if nothing else, employs the wonderful Christine Baranski on quality television.
  • Likewise, I have not had the second season of Good Girls (NBC, Sunday at 10:00 pm (Eastern) because I'm slowly catching up with the first season of Netflix.) But the cringing capers Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman skilfully cross the line between comedy and drama and have plenty of breezy fun along the way.
  • Literally to say something about the first episodes of the final season of Jane the Virgin (The CW, Wednesdays at 9 o'clock East) would affect a pretty big conspiracy of action, but the purest and purest entertainment of television fires at all cylinders as it goes into the last run and you should (on Netflix)
  • It is also a while ago (like … almost two years a Veep (HBO, Sundays at 22.00 Eastern) was with us, thanks to the Battle of Julia Louis Dreyfus against Cancer, what a relief to have one of the strongest comedic ensembles in television history in the air – led by Louis Dreyfus, who gave one of the strongest comedic performances in television history. The last season has only seven episodes, so enjoy them for as long as you can.

That's all for March! In April FX will have its new prestige mini-series about Bob Fosse, CBS All Access returns The Twilight Zone with new host Jordan Peele and HBO is bringing back a small show of which you may have heard . Game of Thrones . Big month!

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