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Beta testers from World of Warcraft Classic report Vanilla WoW features as a bug

Nostalgic World of Warcraft (WoW) fans have been calling for game publisher Activision-Blizzard to publish World of Warcraft Classic for years to come. World of Warcraft Classic is now in beta, but some players were surprised by what they found playing.

WoW Classic attempts to "vanilla" WoW "experience – that is, WoW as it did before a series of seven major game-changing packs of 2007 The Burning Crusade existed until 2018 Battle for Azeroth ] To achieve this, Blizzard rebuilt the game based on archived data from the years 2005 and 2006 (patch 1.12 is the target post – the current game is on patch 8.1.5.) The company is committed to present exactly as then – warts and all – with only a few unavoidable or critical changes.

The argument is simple: what makes classic WoW great for one player can be different from what makes it great for another. And who are the designers of Blizzard who say which old features were just good or bad designs for every player? It is an approach that shows that Blizzard believes (at least to some extent) that WoW belongs not only to its creators, but to its fans. This battle between the author's intention or the game design orthodoxy and "the player is always right" is at the heart of many great contemporary controversies in games. So far Blizzard seems to have committed to his plan regarding WoW Classic .

Indeed, so dedicated that modern WoW players try the beta and report on what looks like bugs today, but what functionality they intended 13 years ago. This has occurred so frequently that Blizzard publicly published a list of known non-issues called " WoW Classic & # 39; Not a Bug & List;". For example, hitboxes for the Tauren Player Race are much larger than other races. In a modern game this would be considered a serious balance problem (see: Apex Legends ). But it's how vanilla was WoW so it was faithfully reproduced.

There are even items that look more like beetles than anything. For example, from the notes:

NPCs that offer multiple quests may be inconsistent as a dot or "!" on the list of available quests. They were inconsistent in 1.12 and we reproduced the exact inconsistency they had at that time.

Some players were surprised by these obvious flaws – even players eagerly awaiting the release of WoW Classic based on fond memories of Vanille WoW . In truth, it has been so long since WoW was released for the first time that players' memories may not always be accurate. Some details may be new, but others may be lost over time, and it is these lost details that could surprise players as they repeat their original experience in WoW Classic .

Blizzard's Community Manager, Kaviax, featured in this post in the WoW Classic forums that contained the list of known non-issues, write:

As we already do Sometimes, the nature of WoW Classic sometimes calls different memories for different players, and this leads to certain misunderstandings as to what works as intended or not.

Most people who have played massive multiplayer online games for years will tell you that even the first thing you played is special – and WoW was the first for many People. You may be so excited about the uniqueness of your first experience that you overlook many shortcomings. It's likely that many watch WoW Classic wearing pink glasses, just as many have simply forgotten what features were added when. And some of today's WoW players may be too young to play vanilla WoW as it once was.

That does not mean that everyone has an unrealistic vision of what vanilla WoW was like. In the WoW Classic forums there were already many people who pointed out that perceived bugs are just replicas of the original game. And as mentioned earlier, a mistake for one player is a key component of the original positive experience for another. WoW Classic will surely please many purists. However, this shows that it will not be anyone who has fond memories of the 2006 game.

For some of us, these memories are just that – memories that are as imperfect as they are good.

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