Duane "Dog" Chapman confirmed his wife, Beth Chapman, "wandered the stairs to heaven" in a post on Twitter.

Bonnie Chapman talks about the death of her mother Beth Chapman.

The "Dog the Bounty Hunter" star died Wednesday after beating cancer at stage 4, her husband and TV show co-star Duane Chapman confirmed on Twitter. She was 51.

"Love you forever, Mom, you've got a halo," tweeted Bonnie, 20, and added on Instagram, "So grateful to call you my mother in peace … I love you so much. "

Bonnie – one of 12 children who raised Beth and Duane together according to their official website – promised she would" never forget you, Mom ".

"You were such a strong woman, and you taught me to always be strong," she tweeted. "You were strong for everyone and taught me that it's okay to let go."

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Bonnie has shared a picture of her parents, written "So thankful that I've got your beautiful smile."

"I never thought I would lose my mother at the age of 20. I told her I had a few years left, but in her eyes she did not agree." The couple's youngest daughter wrote in another tweet.

Chapman was placed on a medically induced coma this weekend after being transferred to the intensive care unit at the Queen's Medical Center in Hawaii.

Andrew Brettler, family lawyer, told the US on Monday TODAY These family members were with her in the hospital, where she was in "very serious" condition.

Bonnie tweeted a picture of how she held Chapman's hand the day before her death. "I love you," she said Tuesday on the emotional image.

Wednesday at Twitter confirms Duane's death: "It's 5:32 am in Hawaii, this is the time she wakes up to wander Koko Head, just today We all love you, Beth, see you on the other side. "

Bonnie took a minute to embarrass trolls who spoke negatively about her deceased mother.

tweeted . "My mother was a person and did not deserve to be demoted because of her or my father's past, my mother fought for the rights of the woman and was the nicest woman."

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