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Beto O & # 39; s Rourkes rock star status is being consolidated by Texas GOP, giving Dems an icon they desperately need

In search of an icon, a man who raised their spirits and led them out of the wild, Democrat was shown an unusual leader this week: Texas Republican

The state GOP identified a rock star in a faded monochrome from the 1990s. A loose, floral dress (or perhaps a tunic), cut out at the neck, hangs over his skinny body. His hair is parted in the middle, the rest disappears behind his head, which looks like a loose ponytail. His square jaw emphasizes his long, angular face.

The man who looks out of the black and white picture is Beto O'Rourke in college age. As an electric bassist he toured in the early 1

990s with his punk rock band "Foss" in Iceland and Norway through the United States and Canada.

The photo might have collected dust in a dark corner of rock history Would not this week have been an attempt by Texas Republicans to present skeletons in O'Rourke's closet? The El Paso native has hung up his guitar and is now a Democratic congressman campaigning against Republican Senator Ted Cruz in the midterm elections this fall. The campaign leaves time for occasional musical interludes, such as a July 4 performance with Willie Nelson.

The maneuver of the state party had its disadvantages. The evidence that was spread and spread on Twitter rather than burdening O'Rourke made him seem downright seductive to some. It made the congressman a symbol of the connection between music and politics, ranging from patriotic anthems to anti-war ballads and contemporary hip-hop.

The more unusual side of the candidate unveiled this week appeared particularly tempting to the most loyal candidates in contrast to President Trump and his legislative allies, including Cruz. Lauren Duca of Teen Vogue asked : "Let's Betray All Beto [?]"

Others said that O & Rourke's more colorful past – and especially his appearance in what appears to be a dress – would be split in Texas. "He would not dare!" Wrote Jeff Roe, a Republican strategist who led Cruz's presidential campaign in 2016.

The congressman's campaign on Wednesday did not request comment. [19659010] O & Rourke, 45, is an aspiring Democratic star. Town & Country called him "Kennedyesque". The Texan Democrat has caught the attention of celebrities, from Ellen DeGeneres to LeBron James. "Is Beto O? Rourke in 2020, the Obama-like answer of the Left to Trump?" Asked Vanity Fair this week, quoting a Texan journalist: "It seems like Iowa 2007."

His popularity on the national stage was heightened by a viral video clip from a town hall last week in Houston where O & Rourke defended football players kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality. His eloquent devotion and the ease with which he invoked the nation's civil rights history recalled the oratorio of the underdog democrat who promised hope and change a decade ago.

The anthem problem has become a break line in a probably bitter race. A survey by Emerson College this week showed Cruz, a Republican presidential candidate from 2016, who is seeking his second term in the Senate, leading O & # 39; Rourke with a single point. Cruz, 47, has made the NFL – one of President Trump's favorite topics – a focal point of his strategy against O Rourke, who is trying to become the first Democrat to win a nationwide office in Texas since 1994.

Apparently incensed by Congressman's refusal to debate Cruz in Dallas on Friday, the state led GOP to Twitter to launch a series of attacks in the form of theories as to why "Beto grappled with Senator Ted Cruz. "

I'll have to skate over the debate on Friday, "read the white text lying on a picture of O'Rourke holding a skateboard." I just got this killer board. I'm sure voters will not mind. "

Earlier this month, O Rourke was paddling around the parking lot of a Whataburger, the San Antonio chain, on a skateboard borrowed from a backer." After hours on the campaign, O'Rourke said to a reporter of Dallas Morning News: "You need a little while." He said the board offered him "Zen."

The congressman seemed relatively relaxed on wheels, bending his knees and spreading his arms like wings as he " When he gave a high-five to a passer-by, he just wiggled a bit and no tricks were tried.

The Texas GOP had additional explanations for its absence from the proposed debate.

"There are always the chance, "the party noted on Twitter that O & Rourke could not join the debate" because he has gotten into a hazy situation. "The tweet contained a decade-long mugshot containing the convictions of Congressa emphasized that O Rourke has recognized. He was arrested twice in the 1990s, according to public records and the candidate's own testimony – 1995 for trespassing when he tried to sneak up against a fence at the University of Texas at El Paso and again in 1998 for driving under the influence of alcohol. The first charge was dropped, the second later dismissed.

The incidents occasionally occurred during the election season. O Rourke told the El Paso Times in 2005, when he ran for the city council for the first time, that he "heard" him. , , the responsibility for it. "

The most popular image circulated by Republican states, according to Twitter's" Likes ", was the photo of O'Rourke's band, an apology scrawled on the floor:" Sorry, can not debate , We have an appearance.

Foss is described by the music magazine Spin as an "almost forgotten Texan post-hardcore band." Roll Call described the group as a "veteran of the 90s emo-progressive invasion". His drummer, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, achieved greater musical fame than the band's bassist. Bixler-Zavala was the lead singer and copywriter of the Grammy Award-winning The Mars Volta, and was the only consistent member of At the Drive-In for whom he sings vocals. Both are cult favorites. O & Rourke has said that the bandmates were elementary and high school friends.

Streaming services do not carry Foss melodies, but YouTube clips conserve several gigs, including a 1993 performance at the Wild Hare music venue in El Paso and a 1994 talk show appearance, "Let's Get Real." In the talk show, O Rourke wore a T-shirt and a matching knit hat and jumped up and down as he tugged hard on his guitar.

The painting circulated "The El Paso Pussycats". The band toured North America, but O'Rourke's punk rock outing was short-lived. At this time, he completed a bachelor's degree in English from Columbia University.

"I was not so good at it," he said at the Washington Post last year and said he felt pressure from his father to move away from the punk scene. "He will not say it, but the expectation is, we did not take credit for you to go to Columbia and then [play] in a punk band all your life."

O & Rourke is hardly a single politician looking for music. Martin O & M Malley, the former Governor of Maryland, returned to his band "O & M Malley's March" after ending his presidential election in 2016. Former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, took his band "Capitol Offense" with him during his White House campaign in 2008. Some, like O & Rourke, left their bands when they were young. Former Secretary of State John Kerry played with "The Electras" when he was in preschool in New Hampshire.

Cruz, for his part, has said that his musical taste has changed over time. He had grown up, heard classic rock, but turned away from the genre because he did not like how his musicians responded to the September 11 attacks, he said.

"I find this intellectually curious, but on September 11," I did not like how rock music responds, "Cruz told CBS News in 2015. In contrast, he said," Countrymusic collectively, the way, how they reacted has resonated with me, and I just have to say it out of my gut level, I had an emotional reaction that said that these are my people.

The Texas Senator has chosen other means to connect with voters, he frequently quotes films and television programs.He has also tried sports.In fighting in Indiana in 2016, he compared his candidacy to the underdog basketball team in However, he raised his eyebrows as he described the ring as a "basketball ring," challenging late-night presenter Jimmy Kimmel for a charity game, and Cruz won 11-9, though none was particularly graceful.

O & Rourke supporters responded to the jabs of the Texas GOP by pulling out old shots of Cruz fighting on the basketball court, others noticed that the pictures of O'Rourke were more flattering than similar material from Cruz's past.

According to The Daily Dot, an Austin-based media company, Cruz's white-faced image came out of a high school yearbook A performance in which he played the biblical creation story and Adam played in a stage adaptation of the book Genesis.

The site created a catalog of positive reactions to the images that were shared by the Texas GOP strategy which had backfired. Vice said the "humiliating evidence" only showed that the country "might be interested in meeting Beto O & Rourke." GQ observed that the Republicans' only "scandal" was that "Beto O's Rourke has friends is cool." 19659032] The state party dug itself in the heels and rejected those who found the images positive as irrelevant to politics in Texas.

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