Tick-borne diseases can cause serious illness, including Lyme disease. Widely distributed throughout New Jersey, ticks are found in wooded and grassy areas. After a family hike you can protect yourself from tick bites.
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"Hopefully, it breaks this deadlock that we have in Lyme disease," said Pat Smith, a senior lawyer and member of the jury.

Although the number of reported cases of new Lyme disease in the last decade was on average less than 25,000, the Confederation group, which convened worked is concerned with the fight against tick-borne diseases, claims that the actual number is ten times greater, and recommends developing a better test for the detection of bacterial infection.

The 100-page report to Congress, the first of three out of four interviewees The period is critical because it represents a consensus on how to deal with Lyme after government officials and medical experts disagreed for decades.

The discord has triggered a nationwide explosion – from less than 13,000 nearly 20 years ago in New England to nearly 30,000 in 2017, say the latest information – proponents of Lyme patients.

"It's a good first step," said Pat Smith of Wall Township, New Jersey, a member of the 14-member working group. "Hopefully, we will overcome this stalemate that we have in Lyme disease."

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Lyme disease has been on the market for thousands of years, but in the United States it was first recognized in 1975 in a group of children and adults near Lyme, Connecticut, who had arthritis-like symptoms. In 1982, researchers discovered that infected black-legged ticks transmit the disease Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium for humans, causes an infection with fever, headache and fatigue that can spread to the joints, the heart and the nervous system when they spread not to be treated.

"Patients still have difficulties and doctors have problems with the treatment of m," she said. "I hope this will be a feast for the Congress."

In the 1980s, the infection contracted two of Smith's daughters, one of whom missed four years of schooling. She founded the non-profit organization Lyme Disease Association and traveled across the country

"The big question now is what Congress will do in the light of these recommendations," she said.

Because of the difficulty of testing the bacteria that cause Lyme disease – false positives and false negatives are commonplace – the working group said additional research to diagnose all tick-borne diseases can save the country long-term money.

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Rep. Chris Smith, R-N. J., who supported the creation of the group, called for "a coordinated, comprehensive federal response, including more research funding," in response to the report.

The list is testing. The report outlines the deficiencies of the standard practice of testing for Lyme through "serological tests" or blood tests looking for antibodies. This type of testing is known to be unreliable in the detection of Lyme, especially in the crucial early stages of infection.

Pat Smith of Wall Township, New Jersey, left with Rep. Chris Smith, RN.J., whose legislation helped establish the Lyme Disease Working Group. (Photo: J.Lynagh, Lyme Disease Association Inc.)

Ten to 20 percent of Lyme disease patients diagnosed at an early stage experience six months of diagnosis and treatment after diagnosis and treatment long on symptoms. Patients diagnosed later can lead to chronic Lyme disease and still have problems after healing the infection.

The report recommends state investment in the development of new test procedures. It also suggests searching for specific methods to better test children who are thought to make up half of the infected population.

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"The most important thing that everyone agrees with is that we need new types of tests for Lyme disease," said Pat Smith. "We also need new types of treatment options for both acute Lyme disease and patients with ongoing illness."

Another focus of the report: The national surveillance system for monitoring tick-borne diseases needs to be strengthened.

"Right Well, quite frankly, it's a mess, even (as far as recording is concerned), what kind of ticks we look at in different states," she said.

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The report contains Stories of people suffering from tick-borne illnesses After years of helping desperate patients deal with the horror stories of a widely misunderstood illness, Pat Smith wanted the report to reflect some of the human burden of Lyme [19659009] "That speaks to what patients experience when trying to get diagnoses and treatments." She said, "All sorts of topics are brought to the fore for a change." [19659009] Follow Jerry Carino on Twitter: @NJHoopsHaven

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