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Betty was right with Charles

Each episode of Riverdale tends to raise questions for the characters and viewers. The fans watch the drama with an eerie feeling that something bad is going to happen. In Hereditary several dire events occurred that prepared Riverdale's children (and parents) for an uncertain future this past year.

Jughead and Betty like to research, but if they find what they are not looking for, it's like they're hitting a hangry (yes, Hangry ). Gene and family were a topic in the episode of November 13, but here's a look at what happened.

  KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse
KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse of Riverdale | Presley Ann / Getty Images for Pizza Hut

Archie and El Royale

In the opening scene, the threat of the week is the local Riverdale gangster Dodger, who fears his supply of exploiting children is dwindling. It follows Archie throughout the episode. Archie and Reggie find that the gym has been destroyed and Archie pleads with Sheriff Jones to directly persecute Dodger. They are in a full blown lawn war, but he insists on protecting the children who come to the community center.

Throughout the episode, Archie worries about Dodger and F.P. tells him that they have attacked his arcade and found nothing. What now? Archie tries to convince two boys to leave Dodger's arcade and store alone and offers an alternative, but he needs help to bring it all together.

At some point Hiram Lodge goes to Archie to offer condolences and a donation in the form of a blank check. Archie refuses and thinks he has a hidden agenda. In a separate scene, Veronica, her generous friend, wants to hire sellers, introduce the arcade machines in El Royale and offer pop food for the kids. She tells the children that they are excited and that it is enough to lure them away from Dodger.

Archie, Veronica and the crew manage to set up an arcade in El Royale, but Archie is confronted by Dodger outside. He knows that Archie is the masked guard and subtly explains the war before the cops turn up. Things escalate. Later in the episode, Archie comes home and finds a mask nailed to the door. Before he can get his mother safely out of the house, she is shot in a passing by in the air. It's a pass in Riverdale, folks.

This is enough to ask a desperate Archie to reach for it
Hiram for help with Dodger. He refuses and says that he can not help with his request
To inflict violence against Dodger. Funny enough, just before the end of the show,
Archie and Reggie arrive at El Royale and find a bloody Dodger in one
Carpet. They call an ambulance.


Jughead gives Betty the opportunity to have a writer's block. He is
busy finding out about his grandfather's time in Stonewall
Book series. He changes to the investigation mode.

Jughead studies the book series intensively and finds that the styles are too different to have the same author. He realizes when a new ghostwriter takes the helm and thinks his grandfather wrote the first installment of the series. He believes that Dupont has done the rest, but acknowledges that he founded the "Baxter Boys". Now he has the mission to prove it and tells Betty. They exchange conspiracy theories.

Jughead finds out that his grandfather was deleted from the Stonewall story, but tells Betty he went to Riverdale after completing high school. She offers to dig deeper. She finds some old short stories in the pile of old school stuff. He finds a hint.

The character "Bitsy Bane" is a giveaway that the writer Frosty Pajamas – written as an anagram for Forsythe P. Jones – might have been Jughead's grandfather, and the typeface is similar to that of the first book "Baxter Boys." This figure is included in the Riverdale High Story and the Baxter Boys. It was published long before the first book.

Jughead confronts Dupont with the first volume of "Baxter Boys" and accuses him of writing only the last four. He puts down Jughead's grandfather and said he would never plagiarize. He goes ahead and insults Jughead's family and tells him that Stonewall Prep was built on his books. Then he tells Jughead he's lucky he did not expel him.

Jughead asks his teacher to prove that Dupont is a plagiarism, and he agrees. Is he honest? Yes, but that's a mistake for Mr. Chipping. Later in the episode, chipping seems to be under the influence of something and jumps out of a window to his death. The crazy literary cult just sits there and watches without helping. It feels like the Gargoyle King hallucinations again.

In the final scene, days after Chippings death, is Jughead
surprised that his classmates are glad that the teacher is gone, because
They all receive grade 4.0 and Dupont takes on the role of teacher.


Betty is still suspicious of Charles and Kevin is convinced that he is "just a lone gay guy" and not a mysterious serial killer. So she does what she thinks is right and visits Chic for answers. He tells her a story about Charles. He said they got Jingle Jangle together and Charles went dark and stabbed someone with scissors. She accuses him of lying, but Chic says he should ask Charles.

Charles and Betty talk and they write Chic's story of how to stab a man with scissors. She wants him to do a polygraph test, and he reluctantly agrees. When he was asked if he hid something, he became nervous. But his answer is that he's a recovering addict going to meetings. She is not feeling well.

However, this is later reported when Alice contacted Betty Chic with the FBI to report a murder in her home and the location of Dwayne, the body of the dead drug trafficker. As a result, F.P. To eliminate the chaos, we dig up the body with the help of Charles, who is just leading the "investigation". Hands are dirty.

At the end of the episode we see Chic and Charles
a common scheme that calls each other during a visit to prison as a "baby". Charles is
in prison tells him that F.P. led him to the body and this Betty
and everyone buys his story. What are you planning to do?


Cheryl is awoken by a nightmare about her
Family members appear and Julian owns her body. Toni did not warn her
that it was funny to have Jason and Julian with you? Toni tries to convince Cheryl
Stop cutting the school to stay home with the babies, but she's afraid to go
in the same house as the creepy doll Julian. As a deterrent she gives a salt
Circle around the doll to keep the evil entity from escaping and then go to

Cheryl is called to the office and learns that Dagwood is choking on a table tennis ball and is in the hospital. She goes to the thistle house and sees that the salt circle has been interrupted. Jason has the doll and she freaks out. She goes upstairs and sees that her aunt and uncle (who were in her dream) are now in the house.

Cheryl's family wants to sell the maple syrup business and needs it in order. At first she says she will think about it. Then they ask to visit the chapel to light a candle for the ancestors, and she leaves, throws them out and says no one is allowed to enter the chapel. Cheryl then tries to stop Julian's blind reign of terror by drowning it in an aluminum tub with a brick.

The family returns to confront Cheryl with her uncle
especially aggressive. Cheryl's family wants her declared unfit
She has chained the gates of the chapel and does not consent to sell the business. she
have dark plans.

Later, Uncle Bedford finds out that Cheryl kept Jason's body in the chapel. He wants to hand it over, and while he has pressed it against the wall Toni hits him with a heavy, blunt object on his head. He is bleeding on the ground. What now?


For Veronica's storyline in this episode, Hiram tells her and Hermione
that he wants to start a rum outpost in Riverdale and will put the half-sister
responsible for the operation. Ronnie is not happy about it and throws her out
from her and her mother's house. This does not take too long.

About a day later, Hiram breaks into the house at night and becomes alert with Hermione, and they threaten each other before they "reconcile" themselves. He is back in and Ronnie is also not happy that he has retired. She is angry and he accuses her of being jealous of Hermosa.

On pop, Veronica gets a visit from her sister, who explains how her mother was a singer in Miami who became pregnant. Her father took care of her mother and Hermosa until her death. Then she invites Veronica to Hiram and Hermione's renewal of the vow.

At another point in the episode, Veronica walks into her father's office and sees Hermosa sitting in his chair, hanging a portrait of himself behind him. Veronica was replaced! She ridicules Ronnie by saying her father calls her the "apple of his eye" and Veronica gets angry. She refuses to take part in the vows ceremony, and basically asks Hermosa to stick to it.

Next week, the storyline will be intensified by Jughead's cult drama, Cheryl's Family Todessaga, Archie's Rift with Dodger, and Betty and Charles.

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