For Renee Robinson and her 9-year-old daughter Jalayah, what started off as an epic birthday surprise meant much more.

Beyonce's musical Halloween shout outs are legendary.

Last year, she paid tribute with a single, but five iconic Lil & # 39; Kim look. In recent years, she has made friends with Janet Jackson and a full-fledged Salt-N-Pepa.

This year, Queen Bey's 90s R & B icon Toni Braxton choreographed in a full view of Instagram.

With a pixie wig, white tank, jeans, leather jacket and chain belt, Beyonce creates Braxton's debut album of the same name in 1993 for her sassy tribute Phoni Braxton.

And although this look is 25 years ago, he still manages to look fresh today, especially in the skilled hands of the "Lemondade" singer.

The last look goes one step further and calls Braxton's single "Another Sad Love Song." And Beyonce adds her own words of appreciation: "Send love and worship to one of our most talented legends, thanks for the countless Bops."

Braxton loved the look and tweeted her own appreciation directly to Beyonce: "How are you? Look better than me on my album cover? I love it, such a superstar! Thanks for the love sis! Happy Halloween Who World … Girl Run! Girl

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