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Biden wades to Texas with the first television advertisement for general elections

The minute-long, coronavirus-targeted spot, “Tough,” is part of a new mid-six-figure program and digital advertising purchase, said a Biden campaign official. In Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, targeted ads are to be shown. as well as Texas – all states where coronavirus cases have increased recently. President Donald Trump is not mentioned by name in the spot, but Biden’s advisors intend the ads to be in stark contrast to the President’s treatment and reporting of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think of all of you all over Texas today. I know that the increase in the number of cases is causing fear and concern. People are afraid. They are particularly concerned about their parents, their grandparents, the most vulnerable relatives,”

; says Biden at the point that is broadcast in the Lone Star State.

The alleged democratic candidate looks straight into the camera and says, “This virus is tough, but Texas is harder.”

The “Tough” advertisements in Arizona, Florida and North Carolina contain images and news tailored to each state. In each of the ads, Biden encourages people to take certain steps – including wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing – to stop the spread of the virus, which has killed more than 135,000 Americans by Monday night.

“We can stop the spread, but it is up to all of us to do it. We have to do both the simple and the difficult things to protect our families and our neighbors. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Stay You at home when you can, and social distance when you go out, “says Biden.

“I want every single American to know – if you are sick, if you have problems, if you are worried about how you will survive the day, I will not let you down,” says Biden. “We are all there together. We will fight it together and together we will emerge stronger than we were before we started.”

The passage ends with a photo of Biden wearing a black mask next to the words: “Stay safe, wear a mask.”

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The ads mark the Biden campaign’s recent attempt to contrast Trump, who until this weekend had refused to wear a mask in public. Over the past few months, Biden has protested the President’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in both public health and the economy.

In a speech in which he outlined his economic stimulus plan last week, Biden Trump called “the very wrong person to lead at the moment. He won’t bring this country together – he’s determined to drive us apart and its base in place and keep place. “

The new ad spurt comes as recent polls show that Biden is competitive with the president in the states Trump won in 2016. At the weekend, CBS / YouGov polls among likely voters in Arizona and Texas showed no clear leader in those states, with Biden and Trump in Arizona and Texas at 46%, Trump at 46%, and Biden at 45% within the margin of error. A CBS / YouGov poll among likely voters in Florida found that Biden Trump leads by six points.

The ads will be broadcast in each of the state’s top markets, on local cables, and on cable shows on Sunday, an official of the Biden campaign said. They will publish Spanish language versions of the spot in Arizona, Florida and Texas on YouTube, Facebook and Univision. The campaign also plans to release digital videos of Biden calling families in these states later this week.

The new ad purchase will take place a few weeks after the announcement of the first major ad campaign for general elections – a $ 15 million flash for radio, digital, radio and print in the battlefield states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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