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Biden will be a bust, Trump helpers assure her boss

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                  Some advisers to President Donald Trump compared Joe Biden to Jeb Bush, who became a presumptive leader in 2016 and failed only in his native country Win McNamee / Getty Images [19659003] Elections in 2020 </p>
<p class= Trump has selected a few helpers to update Biden's electoral numbers, but his confidants tell him that the Democrats' base will not accept the former Vice-President's centrism.

President Donald Trump has publicly expressed his confidence that he could best beat Joe Biden in a 2020 fight, but behind closed doors, the president has focused on Biden top advisors have tried to assure her boss that the former vice president is doomed to fail.

In recent weeks, Trump has more than one assistant on hand Trump Adopts Potential Candidacy Indeed, Biden has made several recent polls on the battlefield and a nationwide poll published on Monday calling for Democrats to be the first president Presidential candidate.

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Those close to the president have also reassured Trump But insisting that Biden will be a strong candidate for general elections, there is a considerable chance that he will not be able to do so by the time of the Nominating Congress of the party next July. Despite early polls, they have argued that the increasingly left-wing democratic electoral constituency will not settle for a 76-year-old white man who is already reviewing his previous records on issues such as criminal justice and race.

The Democratic base is looking for a newer, fresher one, "said a close friend of the president.

At a meeting with Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and senior officials of the White House Political Bureau, there was a discussion President should be nervous when Biden enters the 2020 fight, a White House official told POLITICO Several people in the room told Trump he should not be "overly nervous" as long as Biden is "pulled to the left" in preschool

Trump consultants pointed out how Biden had recently rebounded after being Vice President Mike Pence had publicly referred to as a "decent guy". He told the president that the incident was a perfect example of the verbal high wire that Biden must go to when declaring his candidacy. When the party's Democrats and progressive base accused Biden of legitimizing "the most LGBT-elected American leader," as former New York governor candidate Cynthia Nixon wrote in a viral tweet, Biden quickly said he "made a point in one foreign policy context … But against LGBTQ rights is nothing decent. "

" We thought that would be so indicative of the fact that this guy is pushed to the left, if he can not even make a simple statement about his successor, without a minute later puke, "said the White House official.

Some of Trump's advisors even compared Biden with Jeb Bush, a favorite establishment establishment, who in 2016, with a widespread notoriety, a professional operation and a professional operation in the GOP, came up with a massive war chest just to confess defeat in his home state ,

"The history of the presidential campaign is littered with the bodies of candidates who should be front-runners but were inflamed before they left," said a person close to the Trump campaign.

During Biden's Advisor One has to admit that this dynamic holds challenges. They believe that pragmatism can prevail over left-wing passion, just as it did when the Democrats nominated US Senator John Kerry and not 2004's anti-Iraq war fire, Howard Dean. Democratic voters are currently looking for a potential candidate – above all, they want someone who can beat Trump.

Biden said Tuesday he'll disclose his decision in "a few weeks." [19659022BetoO&#39;Rourke” data-size=”promo_xsmall_rectangle”/>

"In previous elections, voters of both parties have a common value in choosing a candidate," said Patrick Murray, Election Director at Monmouth University, which published the national survey in Biden at 28 percent "It looks as if the Democrats are ready to change that equation in 2020 because they want to defeat Trump."

The Biden fixation goes beyond Trump, it was closed last weekend See when Gump donated GOP donors to the annual Spring Retreat of the Republican National Committee at Trump's Gump Mar a Lago Beach Club

While waiting for President's remarks during a private dinner on Friday night, a table with Republican insiders began a lengthy discussion on pre-2020. According to a person involved in the conversation, attendees debated which Democrats did best. to regain the Rust Belt states where Trump was represented in 2016.

"Actually, everyone thought Joe Biden would be the hardest … to beat," he told the person in charge.

Although Trump admitted that privately, Trump sent nothing but trust in his public statements about Biden. In tweets and fundraising speeches he tested two boring nicknames for the longtime Delaware Senator – "Crazy Joe Biden" and "Dummy" – who once said he would "beat up" the president in a school fight.

"He ran two or three times, never rising above 1 percent," Trump said in a recent interview with Fox News about Biden. "And then Obama came and got him from the trash and he became vice president. He is weak So we'll see what happens to him. "

Pence has also beaten Biden in recent weeks, as told by Trump's political advisers – that his predecessor will face a generational gap with his younger opponents when he enters the race. And he has stressed that the strong pressure that Biden faces in certain democratic circles is to enjoy the party's progressive base.

"I like our chances in 2020," Pence said on Thursday in an interview with Fox News. He claimed that the manner in which Biden "yielded to liberal activists after giving me a friendly remark, proof of the pressure that all candidates have to face", is to move to the left.

Biden himself does not yet have to face the question of how he will address culturally more liberal voters when he jumps into the race, leading to a flood of sharp questions about his previous vote records on crime, marriage equality, abortion and mass detention would and more.

He has told intimates in recent talks that he does not see any other Democrat in the current squad that can "do what has to be done to win", [45] The New York Times (19459055).

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