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Biden's attacks on Warren become personal and cause some complaints about sexism

CONCORD, N.H. – Senator Elizabeth Warren "instructs" voters what to believe. Her political vision is reminiscent of an "academic exercise". Her advocacy style is "my way or the highway," and she has shown an "elitist attitude."

In an open and subtle manner, Joseph R Biden Jr. his campaign and his allies have begun perpetrating personal attacks on his most terrible rival in 2020, portraying them as a rigid, condescending approach, which corresponds to a former Harvard professor . with an ambitious political agenda.

It is a politically risky argument to challenge a leading candidate, especially a primary democratic electorate, which has so far signaled little appetite for party-internal warfare. Women historically make up the majority of Democratic primary voters, and for many, memories of attacks on Hillary Clinton in 2016 are still fresh.

The aggressive approach is also new territory for Mr. Biden, the former Vice President who for decades served as a valiant senator, mocking generally rebuke opponents with mentions of their good character.

wife. Warren, who generally fails to quarrel with his rivals, has begun to push back by denouncing criticism from "powerful men" trying to explain to women how to behave.

The back and forth between the two candidates signals the beginning of a more militant phase of the 2020 race, with the tournament focusing mainly on Mrs. Warren's $ 20.5 trillion . Medicare for all "program . The Democratic rebellion against this plan has Mr. Biden's campaign, which is well aware of the political momentum of Ms. Warren in key states like Iowa, where the first nomination competition will take place in less than three months .

After the Biden team turned down Medicare for all their plans, Ms. Warren suggested that critics welcome Republican talk and even stand in the wrong party. He responded in a hard-hitting statement and appeal for donations on Tuesday and pronounced Mrs. Warren's response "condescending" as an expression of an "angry, unyielding view" and as "a representative of elitism that is labor and midsize" , Class people do not share. He repeated versions of this argument in a radio interview and fundraising during the week and decrypted Mrs. Warren's "attitudes" in a manner that astounded some voters and political activists as a sexist and other ironic, since he sometimes led this populist argument at his own events with large donors. On Friday, Mr Biden told reporters at the New Hampshire State House here that the next president of the United States will have to make sure that they are able to get things done, to hand things over. He added, "Following up on people's motives or teaching them what they should believe is not the way to get things done."

Ms. Warren is the Biden in some polls Fall has overtaken or surpassed Herbst and now faces the exam as a top candidate, gave an e-mail on Friday with the subject and sent a fundraiser "I'm angry and own it."

"We are told again and again That women should not be angry, "wrote Mrs. Warren in the message that did not mention Mr. Biden," It makes us unattractive to powerful men who want us to be quiet. "

She added," Well, I'm angry and I own it. I'm angry on behalf of everyone who's hurt by Trump's government, our manipulated economy, and the usual business. "

Asked on Saturday if she thought Mr. Biden would describe her as angry and condescending if she was a man. Mrs. Warren replied, "Why do not you ask him that?" two leading candidates while playing Medicare for both offensive and defensive. Equally evident are the gender dynamics and perils of personal attacks on a democratic field that began with a record number of female candidates now dominated by three white men – Mr. Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana , and Mrs. Warren from Massachusetts.

Mr. Biden's attacks include descriptions that some voters and researchers consider women and politics to be about sexist tropes about women politicians: portray them as overbearing, school-marbled or otherwise than normal.

"The question is whether Biden would use the same words to describe a male professor – and I suspect he would do that," said Gloria Steinem, the feminist leader. "The bigger problem is that it's about style, not satisfaction."

His criticism of Mrs. Warren disturbed some voters who visited her on the campaign trail over the weekend.

Savannah Johnson, 49, a social worker who supports Ms. Warren and attended at a town hall in Goose Creek, SC, said Saturday about Mr. Biden's criticism.

"I just do not think he would say the same thing about a male candidate," she added. "I think all strong women are so unfairly labeled."

Niamh Cahill, 21, a student who also came to City Hall, said that Ms. Warren would not receive so much mourning ] if she were a male candidate. "Yes, she is fired, she is angry, but for good reason," she said. "There are a lot of things that are not right in this country."

Mr. Biden often talks about his advocacy of women's rights by citing his advocacy of the law against violence against women and his work against sexual assault on campus. And none of his comments comes close to the bold sexist language and tactics that President Trump used in the campaign 2016 against political opponents such as Mrs. Clinton and Carly Fiorina, or his insulting and demeaning language about Megyn Kelly, Stormy Daniels, and the women he referred to in his recorded interview with "Access Hollywood."

On Friday, Mr. Biden's election campaign published a press release criticizing her Medicare for all suggestions as unrealistic, arguing: "Being president is not an academic exercise." The embassy reminded some Democrats that, as Scott Brown, the Massachusetts State Senate secretary in 2012, unsuccessfully attempted to carve wife Warren as a non-contact professor.

"I do not think it will work for the Biden team either, because their personal history is first and foremost the opposite of anything elitist," said Mary Anne Marsh, a Boston-B ased Democratic strategist unaligned in the presidential primacy, although some of her Colleagues have worked on the previous race of Ms. Warren. "She did a very, very good job and consistently defined her life story."

Mr. Biden dismisses barely Mrs. Warren as a "professor". In his election campaign, he noted that he had previously used words such as "elitist" and "angry" to describe Republican men. His allies are also trying to capitalize on the growing rejection of Medicare for all and the potential political consequences of the Democrats for the battlefield countries in 2020. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently warned that such a plan and its abolition of private health insurance pose a significant political risk .

And it is clearly unpleasant to repeat him personally vehement criticism of Mrs. Warren's "condescending" style, which he published in his Tuesday act . Asked directly if he felt that Ms. Warren was unavailable, he told reporters, "I'm not saying it's unreachable, so what I mean by that is getting close to politics today Doing things without questioning people's motives. "

" I did not call Elizabeth Warren an elitist, "Biden emphasized elsewhere. An exchange with reporters here." I told the Americans out there, they understand "What's up, and they do not want to be taught what to believe and what they do not believe in."

In large primary fields, attackers can often damage their abilities – but hurt themselves – as was the case for several Democratic candidates who took personal action against Mr Biden just to suffer a setback, Mr Biden's risk is now particularly great as he has been described by many voters as a warm and affectionate one a tough figure is seen in the party – and hard attacks might seem atypical.

Yet, for some voters the clash between Mr. Biden and Mrs. Warren was more than disturbing.

"I like it to be personal," said Stanley Brown, 49, of Tilton, N.H., who attended an event in Biden on Friday and was considering Mr. Biden and Mrs. Warren along with several other candidates. It's not just a conserved answer. "

Katie Glueck reported Concord and Thomas Kaplan of Goose Creek, S.C.

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