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Big asteroid has a tiny chance of hitting Earth in September – BGR

Space groups such as NASA and ESA track a large number of near-Earth objects every day, and many of them have a chance to make life miserable when one day they make a collision course with Earth. These "potentially dangerous" asteroids pass the earth regularly and without problems. The same will most likely happen on September 9, 2019.

Then the asteroid, known as the 2006 QV89, with a width of just over 160 feet, is set to approach Earth in some time. Astronomers tracking the object believe that it will only reach four million miles, but the ESA states that the likelihood of it landing on Earth is very low.

The ESA database on risk tracking relies on models and calculations based on past observations, and these measurements are usually very accurate. However, there is always a low probability that they will not exactly hit the spot, and even less likely to be impacted by a certain amount.

For the asteroid 2006 QV89, the likelihood of a collision is low but present. According to the ESA, the asteroid has a 1

in 7,300 chance of hitting the planet directly. With a width of 160 meters, the asteroid is not exactly a "planet killer," and even if it hit Earth, it would not be the end of the world. Yes, if it hits land, especially in densely populated areas, it can cause serious damage. When it arrives off the coast, a tsunami can even form.

Aside from the fact that it is unlikely to hit Earth, researchers will have even more time as the rocks approach. Track their orbits and trace their course with greater accuracy.

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