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Big Baller Brand comes with a cheaper shoe

You do not have to be as tall as a baller to afford Big Baller Brand shoes to be able to.

The shoe brand, founded by LaVar Ball and supported by his sons Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo, released their second version of Lonzo's shoes ̵

1; and the price is 60 percent lower than the previous versions.

Much of the attention around the Big Baller brand last year was the price. The ZO2 had cost $ 495 and for the larger sizes up to $ 695. This year's annual online pre-order price is $ 200.

The Big Baller brand has released a shoe at a lower price. Big Baller Brand

"The $ 495 price point has achieved its goal of being crazy, its goal of making people think and see the boldness and pride of the Big Baller brand," said David Raysse who designed the shoes. "The fact that we can do that at all says a lot about being a movement more than anything else."

Despite the price decline, the ball is the most expensive mainstream shoe on the market. The Air Jordan XXXIII, which goes on Thursday on the shelves, costs $ 175 per pair. The LeBron 16 costs $ 185. But Raysse says the BBB shoe will now be affordable to an important demographic target audience.

"Zo is the face of the future of the NBA and youth, and we wanted to make sure that his second shoe was accessible to children so they could really be a part of it," he said. "The price is in line with the competition."

Lonzo Ball, a guard for the Los Angeles Lakers did not wear Big Baller Brand shoes on the pitch last season, and preferred Nikes for games. He wore the Melo Ball 1 for pictures during the Lakers Media Day on September 24th. The BBB brand will continue to make a player-exclusive version of Lonzo Balls shoe for $ 495.

The company said that pre-orders will be delivered in early 2019.

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