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"Big Brother" Review Season 21, Episode 3: Racist undertones are emerging, and is Gr8ful crumbling?

Is "Big Brother" going into a well-known racist hole as in previous seasons? It's a bit early to say so, but hamster fans see some red flags from two of the series' strongest early personalities.

First, they discovered that Jackson, having become camp director, immediately targeted both black candidates, a large Latina model and an older exile candidate. His best brother in the house, Jack, makes some known goals for himself.

While talking to the householder Christie, Jack basically decided to show her who would go in the next three weeks. David, the only black in the series, was eliminated in the banishment contest. Jack looked at Kemi, the only black girl, followed by Latina model Jessica and Bangladeshi college student Ovi.

But is it racist?

Well, there is no clear indication that Jack is targeting these people because of the race. He has Isabella, also of Asian descent, in his alliance and he has given other reasons to attack these people, but frankly they are quite lame.

As an example, he said that Jessica must go because she has the chance to gain a power in an upcoming "Wacktivity" challenge … Dude, that's all !

Reality Blurred reported Monday that Jack had already been warned by the production for his aggressive language about Kemi and others on the show. From the live feeds of the show, the outlet reports some bizarre things that Jack said about Kemi and Jessica.

  • About Kemi: "It's not even going to be a backdoor, it's like you go up and you can veto, but I'm mum for you, God, dude, it's so inciting me! I hate ̵
    1; "(at which point the feed is cut into another room) [19659009] About Kemi:" Tear this plaster and cut this tumor out of us because it has cancer in this house. "
  • About Jessica: "I flirt with her just to make her feel good." 19659009] About Jessica: "After all the stories I hear from Consuela …"

The jury is still not sure if Jack is really racist or not, or if he's just some kind of racist's arrogant dick , He has definitely shown some tendencies to manipulate the house and push Christine around in her household, but it's too early to determine if this is sexism or just aggressive gameplay.

Jack has the highest self-confidence and he is used to using his home. Good looks and charm to prevail. He also shows some tendencies to aggressively push his agenda forward in an almost bullying way, but that could turn out to be just as he is with everyone and in life. As far as Kemi is concerned, we do not know exactly why he's so crazy about her, but it's no joke!

Who is the boss?

Christie is Head of Household and Sam has an astonishing surprise behind him Victory in the veto challenge, but Jack has certainly behaved as if he's his HOH and even his POV, as he has plans for it, like the week exactly should run. Jack is playing his game, and it's certainly a strategy to strengthen your agenda, but he chose the wrong target in Christie.

She resisted him almost immediately to "explain" the palm for the week, and even explained how the next two weeks would pass after this one. That made her wonder if she played his game or her game.

Perhaps she gained some inspiration and self-confidence from the return of BB20 winner Kaycee Clark, who returned to host a contest she had completely defeated last season. This time it was a bit more balanced without a super athlete getting away. In fact, it was trucker Sam (the second oldest in the house) who triumphed by a point over Jack.

The contest itself is brutal, with disgusting food, and the HouseGuests who are tasked with searching out and catching an object. We are more of the opinion that half of the HGs have no points at all.

Sam eventually vetoed his buddy and the oldest HG, Cliff, leaving Christie to contradict at least part of their alliance when she nominated Ovi as a pawn alongside Kathryn. She does not see him as a threat, but he was on Jack's list of top three goals, so anything could happen.

Gr8ful Break?

The friction between Christie and Jack was certainly a big factor in the cracks that form in this superalliance, but not the only one. As part of her site against Jack, Christie confided to Sam that she was part of a "group," and gave Nicole the idea of ​​being pushed to the back door of Kemi.

In other words, Ovi is not the only one out there who knows what is happening. And after Christie nominated him, it blew up the false alliance that had agreed to it, soothing him and keeping him away from the smell. On top of that, Jackson slips into a showmate with Kathryn (who is currently on the block) and Isabella has a strong friendship with Kemi – the kind that can become a Final 2.

These two women are clear targets of Jack and supposedly the entirety of Gr8ful, but there is no consensus. Nick and Isabella both said they did not want to see Kemi go. Not to mention that the group has decided to target Isabella's closest friend in the house without consulting them, and that's not how alliances work.

Is the alliance over before the start, or is it just a slip-up? It's almost impossible to entertain such a large group because not even everyone can ever meet. We'll see if Gr8ful has a future.

Houseguest Report Cards

Isabella plays a wiser game than people believe. She sees what's going on and makes alliances and friendships wherever she can. Being part of Gr8ful and and building a close friendship with Kemi is actually pretty smart, as it gives her opportunities for the future. Not only does she follow, as shown, when she urged Nick to stand up for Kemi, which means she's ready to play this game. Grade: A

Christie made a bold move by opposing the spoken consensus of the House, but she has already proven herself as a savvy player, strong spokeswoman, and someone that really and makes compassionate connections. It's always hard to get your hands on the first blood, but it relies on people throughout the house. So she's in a good social position, unless Ovi decides to hit big waves, and she can not shut it down by assuring him that Kat was always her target. Grade: A-

Cliff is popular and his zero score in the POV is enough to make people feel bad for him. This is a good combination for someone who has problems in some of the physical competitions. He did a great job in the banishment contest, so Cliff might have some tricks up his sleeve. His best move is to relate to these people a distant generation and not to make enemies. Grade: B +

Jackson / Michie seems to have gotten over the warden's turn, and even his showmate with Kathryn only makes his alliance think of getting rid of her instead of him. Seen as a natural leader and likable guy, Jackson could perform well in this game as long as he keeps his eyes open for the changing tides and turns out to be able to change with them. Difficulty: B

Jessica may be on Jack's radar, but she seems to be absolutely loved in the house. She has an incredible social game and she also has a pretty smart view of the game and seems willing to use those social connections to her advantage. She already has people working for her, and it's only week 1, so she should be in a good place for a long time, unless she gets under Jack … then she's doomed. Grade: B

Analysis remains calm and quiet in the power alliance. It's a good position she can be in, even though she's in an awkward place now that Christie Ovi has been nominated and in this false alliance. Nevertheless, she currently sees nobody as a power player or responsible. So she's good at keeping her head down. Grade: B-

Nick is another virtually invisible presence in the house, though Isabella has noticed him after she has stated that he is basically just her option was (because Ovi does not exist in her world). She proved that she could make him do her bidding, and he was ready to stand up for Kemi and lobby. We do not know his own game yet, but he's playing with the right people now, so he took the time to find out. Grade: B-

Tommy is a great personality who lies low and does absolutely nothing. Still, he's in Gr8ful and can see that his best move is to get the alpha dogs to fight and make sure he's still here when it's all over. Not a bad strategy if you can stick to it and keep the communication channels throughout the house. Grade: B-

Holly is someone who exists in the house, but if you do not see them somewhere in the background, you can forget them. It lies low and then it is practically invisible and Holly slips into that position. That can work as long as she chooses the right moment to emerge again. She is Gr8ful for now, which at least helps her to stand up. Grade: B-

Sam plays a solo game, but winning the POV could prove groundbreaking, as he was able to connect with Christie and Nicole via Jack and to join his plans to put Kemi behind the door. He already has a connection to Cliff and is very popular in the house. All he has to do is turn all of that into useful strategies and alliances, and he will strengthen his place. Grade: C +

Nicole is the definition of a floater because she is neither good nor bad on the radar. She might as well not be in the house. And yet it was huge when Christie brought her in and talked to her about Jack Kemi wanting to go behind the door. Nicole has to use that in for herself or she'll realize that it's too late if she decides to start playing. Difficulty: C +

Kemi has really rubbed some people wrong from the start, but their damage control was impeccable and Tamar Braxton during CBB2 proved that you can overcome a rough start win this thing. She now makes friends and has the alliance of power, wondering if she should stay or not. Many of them fight for her, so she has managed to leave the block. She's not out of the woods yet, but she's moving in the right direction. Grade: C

Ovi is in a difficult position, but if he leaves that behind, we hope he will rise in this ranking. He was smart enough to deduce the talk of an "eight," but sadly thought that was just its genesis, so he has no idea that he was talking about this "eight" about its existence. He has proven to be a threat to them, but if he can help unravel, he could become a strong ally in everything that comes up next. He sees a lot of what is going on in the house, but he still has to figure out how it works for him. Difficulty: C

Jack may dig a slow grave, though he does not see it yet. He uses his aggressive behavior and outrageous mouth to forge enemies in the house. He was warned of the production, but he also deserves the wrath of at least some people in the house. Hell, Sam and Christie were already considering how to open the back door. And his comp appearances have been cruel so far, so he may have more trouble than he realizes. Grade: D

Kathryn did not necessarily do anything wrong. Her arrogance and confidence is as bad as Jack's – she's basically the opposite – which is why she's probably sitting in his crosshairs. But she admitted that she would use that charm to manipulate the house, with Jackson as her role model, possibly sealing her fate. Now she is in a showmance with Jackson. Does that mean she puts her plan into action and makes him a puppet? Not a good idea to commit to such a plan and then join the professed goal. Grade: D-

House Chatter

"I can not believe my showmance went home Day 1 … just kidding." –Kemi (referring to David)

"Jack, I do not think he's hot, I really do not like him at all, and his hair." – Isabella
"His hair what?" –Kemi
"I just can not stand it, and then Michie, you know, down here [gestures neck-down] so there's only one option left for me." – Isabella (talking about dating pool … and Ovi does not seem to exist)

"Our alliance should be called rush hour." –Kemi
"Always rush to assumptions." –Isabella

"The only crack in our alliance would be how close Bella and Kemi are." –Christ

"Damn it, I'm not involved in a showmance." –Jackson (trying to resist Kathryn's charm)

"I focus on $ 500,000, but Kat, she's hot, she's hot, I will not deny that." – Jackson (who does not resist Kathryn's spell

"As Kaycee always said last year:" Let's roll! "- Cliff (aww, that's cute, but it's" Let's go! ")

"How did you score 37 points last year?" – Jack (knows the game and knows how difficult this challenge was)

"Kemi has to leave because she played too hard and too early. And Jessica has to leave, because she has the ability to gain power in the third week of panic activity. From there we look at Ovi because he is brilliant. He is a smart young man willing to win at any cost, and he is outside Gr8ful. "- Jack (targeting colored people … not on purpose?)

" Jack is somehow dictating how the eviction will go this week. And next week. And next week. And it's kind of red flag for me, because first of all, who is it for? I'm pretty smart and I'm pretty smart and I could do without the deception. "–Christ

" Just follow your heart and put Kemi down. "- Jack (it does not work that way)

" Honestly, Jack, you're putting a lot of pressure on me now. How about sitting down, taking care of your own affairs and letting this HOH guide you? (because it's mine) and if not, I could always put your ass on the block because I pick the replacement, remember? "- Christ (denominational venting)

" It's really too early to put somebody behind the door. I do not know why I allow someone else to get me to do his dirty work. "- Christ

" He's so manipulative. I did not come here to play the Jack Show. "- Christie

" Backdooring Kemi does not sit well with my stomach. "- Christ
"Wait, what, back door Kemi, why?" –Sam (Welcome to the game, Sam)

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